Melody Rae Jones - Self-Awareness Series - series

By: Melody Jones  09-12-2011
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Programs Designed to Empower you to Reach for Your Best

Achieve greater self-mastery with personalized one-on-one guidance that connects you more fully to your inner brilliance. Using a soul-ful blend of interactive exercises, insightful information, and recalibration of your personal energy patterns, these programs strengthen an individual’s awareness to bring you more clarity on your journey. You will:

Expand your level of awareness

Find your own personal truth

Connect to yourself deeply and authentically

Release the blocks in your movement forward

Allow the best of yourself to emerge

Choose the programs best suited to your current desire for inner growth, knowing you can complete the programs that you feel most drawn to and in the order that feels right. Your personal level of self-mastery will increase, regardless of where you currently are on your path of self-empowerment.

Inner Guidance

Embrace Your Inner Guides

Every day you have divine inspiration available to you, guidance to help you live your best life. By nurturing your ability to recognize and understand this guidance, you tap into powerful insight and clarity. In this program, discover the ease of listening to your inner wisdom and expand your capacity for divine guidance.


Revealing Your Unique Gifts

The foundation of authentic self-actualization is an awareness of your inner potential; your true self that is waiting to be discovered and fully expressed in your life. When you acknowledge your gifts, and recognize their connection to your personal journey, you awaken your true self in powerful ways.

Keywords: guidance

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Melody Rae Jones - Self-Awareness Series - guidance

This program will unlock the key to your ability to receive divine inspiration, tap into your own inner wisdom and expand your personal potential to be divinely guided. This program gently guides you from your current level of self-mastery to your next level, leaving you enlightened, illuminated & transformed.


Melody Rae Jones - FAQ

So I see my role as standing in a place of removing roadblocks towards wellness and offering your body the assistance it needs to step back into its natural role of healer. Everything that we experience is connected to energy patterns in our body – from our thoughts to our emotions to something that is physically affecting us. People typically notice a difference after the first session – they feel better or a situation begins to improve.


Melody Rae Jones - Private Sessions

Please note that a charge may be incurred for missed appointments or changes made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time for non-emergency reasons. For telephone appointments, you will be required to call Melody at the pre-determined appointment time. We recognize that there are times when an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. In person appointments are conducted in Regina, Saskatchewan.