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By: Melody Jones  09-12-2011
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What Issues Can I Work On?
This process can be used for any issue, concern or problem in your life. Everything that we experience is connected to energy patterns in our body – from our thoughts to our emotions to something that is physically affecting us. For any given situation, we are either feeling things from a positive or a negative response. A negative response makes us feel bad and creates unfavorable situations. This indicates that we have a challenge or imbalance to be dealt with. This works focuses on finding those negative response or energy patterns in your body and releasing them. Once released, your body responds at a cellular level to re-balance and seek wellness and well-being.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

While each person is different, people typically notice a difference after the first session – they feel better or a situation begins to improve. Since we all carry around many issues, typically layered on top of each other, we do often need several sessions to remove all layers and affect the greatest change. However, I find that most people can tell after the first session if this is something that they need to continue with. The greatest results on a particular area are typically felt at between 1-3 sessions.

What Can I Expect to Feel During a Session?

Most people feel calm and relaxed during a session. As we go along, they will find themselves feeling lighter or better on a certain issue or a physical pain will lessen. They often also find themselves feeling more at ease, peaceful and more grounded.

What Should I be Doing While a Session is Going On?

Your role is to sit back and relax – that is all. We will talk about certain items and I will ask you different questions, but nothing is needed from you other than your intention to allow the work to be done.

How will I feel After the Session?

Even though you are sitting and relaxing, there is a tremendous amount of work going on in your body (I tell people that they have just run an emotional marathon). So sometimes people might feel a bit tired or "off" afterwards – I suggest honoring whatever you feel for the next day or so to allow your body to re-find its balance.

What Outcome Can I Expect?

I believe that the human body, mind and spirit is capable of profound acts of healing, it simply needs some help at times. So I see my role as standing in a place of removing roadblocks towards wellness and offering your body the assistance it needs to step back into its natural role of healer. As each person and each session is unique, individual results will vary.

Is There any Difference between In-Person versus Phone Appointment?

Each session tends to be very focused and are highly effective, whether done in-person or by phone.

How Long Does a Session Last?

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Keywords: wellness

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