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By: Mehta Tech  09-12-2011

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Master Station Software


Suite v4.x

 Program name
 Polycomm  Communication to recorder system
 Polyview  Record viewing/analysis
 Analysis tools
 Extended record analysis
 Fault distance
 Distance-to-fault calculation
   TRANSCAN DFR-specific
 Polyedit  System configuration
 Polycalb  System calibration
 ConData  Setup of continuous recording parameters
 ConfigPrint  Configuration printing utility
   TRANSCAN IED-specific
 Omniconfig  System configuration
 IED Calb
 System calibration
 IED Merge
 Trace merging from one or more fault records

 FCP v1.0 software


 Version Features
 Standard Data splicer + format conversion to CSV
 As above, plus conversion to COMTRADE and RAW
 Premium DSR
 As Premium, plus Analysis Results Convertor

All FCP versions feature File Naming compliant with the IEEE C37.232 Convention

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