MegaDome - Riding arena

By: Megadome Buildings  09-12-2011
Keywords: Building Code, Natural Light, corrosion resistant

MegaDome® riding arenas: for the best riding conditions – all year-round

Clear span riding arena

Whether you need space for indoor riding, jumping arena, stabling or equipment and , the MegaDome® is perfectly fitted to suit your needs. With no central support inside the riding arena, it is the perfect environment for both the horse and the rider. High side wall clearance of the arena allows maximum riding space, making every square feet the most comfortable possible.

Natural light arena for an outstanding riding experience! 

The MegaDome® riding arena is covered with a membrane that creates ideal riding conditions. Chosen for its translucent characteristics, the cover allows high penetration of the light inside the structure. This creates a hushed, shadow-free atmosphere so the horse can be more relaxed, concentrated and attentive. This comfortable atmosphere is the ideal surroundings for the rider and the animal so they can both enjoy riding under the best condition. The quality of the natural light inside the riding arena also allows the reduction of artificial lighting, consequently cutting back on your energy bills.

The comfort of riding under perfect weather conditions

For those who are passionate about riding, why let the weather control the time and the place you can enjoy your favourite activity? Whether it snows, rains or winds, MegaDome® riding arenas allow you to ride anytime you like, with the same comfort and pleasure every time.

Protects your investments

MegaDome® riding arenas are designed and analyzed by our in-house engineering team in order to meet the local and national building code standards of your area. Built with corrosion resistant steel, your valuable are efficiently protected. The double truss arches, made of oval tubing, ensure the reliability and the strength of the riding arena so you can ride with peace of mind.

You want to know more about the MegaDome ® riding arenas? For more information or any other inquiries, contact us at . Your request will be answered within 24 hours.

Keywords: Building Code, corrosion resistant, Natural Light, Riding Arena

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