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By: Meeting Support  09-12-2011
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These MAP matrixes contain tips, ideas and tools to get you started, or to keep the conversation going during the MAP process. You can alo use them to prepare for a meeting or to search for tools; on your own or in a team.

In the Meeting Support Matrix you will find many tools  but not all. 

Warning: Some of these tools could be applied to several cells but we limited to one only.

Good luck with applying these!

Keywords: Meeting Support

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The trail-blazing exhibition has unleashed the energy of the global meetings industry with new ideas, new vision and a passion for business amongst record numbers of exhibitors. Search our virtual exhibition year-round by product category or destination. Over 3,500 exhibitors from more than 150 countries attended IMEX 2010.


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Once upon a time, many, many moons ago, in the days of old, in the rooms of the Inn, in the city of yonder, the time-honored, habitually-replicated, customary conference experience was basically always the same. Meeting professionals can select from a variety of conference models to customize the experience. It was one-directional, from organizers to attendees. Here are four conference model options.


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Give time for meaning making and connect info with old knowledge. The presentation must be fun, new and show it as it was an story. Content should be chunked in 10 minutes segments.


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The Puppet Theatre is available in three languages (Dutch, French and English, occasionally mixed together). The performance consists of a satirical act, cut out specifically for the activity at hand. This can be a party, a congres, a company reunion, or … whatever might be the occasion. Essential is a good briefing about the event and the subjects through e-mail. Meeting / conference summary by puppets.