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Services are organized around three areas of expertise: Intelligence, Strategy, and People.


Psychmentation™ has been tested and validated over more than fifty projects on five continents, and for some of the world’s most successful organizations. Today, Psychmentation™ is considered the premiere business intelligence tool for answering the most challenging questions facing companies in tough times and markets. VISIT THE PSYCHMENTATION WEB SITE

Market Opportunity Assessement

Assessing any opportunity requires an intimate understanding of local conditions. From regulatory requirements to customer expectations, the details matter! Medius International can bring a vast array of intelligence resources to tease apart the opportunities from the barriers. With classical market research such as surveys and focus groups, to the full power of the Psychmentation™, clients can expect a clear and accurate picture of both the opportunities and the challenges they will face.


Imagine having face-to-face access to CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s of clinical services, and other upper-level decision makers from almost every Canadian healthcare institution including hospitals, regional boards and government agencies.

Hier-Access™ is a unique service that allows you to present your strategic challenges to small groups of senior healthcare executives in a consultative and confidential panel setting that enables you to dramatically improve your effectiveness within your key markets.

Contact us today to learn how Hier-Access™ can create competitive advantage for your company.


Strategic Planning is the precursor to Business Planning. In the rush to "get tactical" many companies gloss over the strategic planning process, with often disastrous results. The Strategic Planning Group offers a variety of services for the development and implementation of a winning Plan:

Vision/Mission/Values Development

Imagine a company that isn't quite sure how it brings value to its customers and other stakeholders, has little sense of its own future, and has not defined what it stands for. How can such a company develop an effective business plan? How and to what does it engage its employees' passion?  Yet, each year hundreds of companies try to develop strategic and business plans without elaborating these most essential questions of Mission, Vision, and Values.

Medius International works with clients to develop: 

- A shareholder Vision that is realistic and achievable

- A Mission that clearly and accurately reflects how the company brings value to its various           stakeholders

- Values that inspire and engage employees to the company's goals

Strategic Facilitation

Strategic planning exercises run by internal team members often simply rehash old ideas or are influenced by the strongest members' views.

Medius International's Strategic Facilitators maintain a climate of openness and participation, minimizing the effects of vested interests and encouraging a diversity of opinions. At the same time, the facilitator constantly works to keep discussions on track and focused. Since plans are ultimately the result of the team's own effort, there is a higher degree of "buy in" and commitment to implementation after the meeting. And, since each facilitator is also an experienced business strategist, he or she functions as a source of insights, new perspectives, and constructive criticism to the planning team.

Corporate Renewal

Since 1994 the Corporate Renewal Group has helped dozens of companies transition from a financial loss to a healthy P&L and market success. Many other clients have used the Group's expertise to reposition themselves for superior performance. For companies operating in highly competitive or emerging markets Medius International brings several important benefits:

A global perspective on business that allows clients to harness leading-edge strategies from the experiences of some of the most successful international competitors.

The expertise to manage through difficult times that comes from a proven track record of success. To date, 100% of our clients have successfully repositioned themselves; many have achieved market leadership in their respective industry segments.

A multi-cultural and polyglot consulting team that understands and respects local cultural imperatives and can function seamlessly in any situation and any country.


Organizational Development focuses on activities that enable clients to fully engage their employees' passion and enthusiasm to the company's Mission and Vision. From searching for candidates that ideally fit a company's culture, to mediating conflict, the focus is always on the human element and how it drives organizational success. 

Services include:Executive search
Senior-level outplacement
Mediation and conflict resolution

Interim Management and Leadership

Executive coaching

Sales force optimization

Intrapreneurship training

Keywords: Strategic Planning