Safe Environment for Children Abandoned or Abused

By: Medina Childrens Home  09-12-2011

In order to respond to the need for children to have a safe place on short notice and to research each individual’s specific needs, Arms of Hope—Boles Campus is now providing Emergency and Assessment Services. Any child between the ages of 4-17 that has been taken from an abusive environment and/or is in crisis can be accepted and admitted on an emergency basis.

Our purpose at the ESAC is to provide a safe environment for children as we discover the best way to serve them.

Criteria for Placement

Each child who is admitted into Arms of Hope—Boles Campus Emergency Shelter and Assessment Center must meet the following criteria:

  • Has been removed from a situation involving alleged abuse or neglect
  • Has been abandoned and referred to DFPS custody
  • Has been removed from their home or placement, and there is an immediate need to find residence for the child
  • Child must be placed by an adult who has legal managing conservatorship*

*Arms of Hope cannot place children who want to place themselves, or who have been brought on campus by an adult other than their managing conservator. As a matter of policy, AOH can only admit children through adults who have custodial rights.

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