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By: Medical Communications  09-12-2011
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Amanda has a wide range of experience in medical writing, and is well-equipped to take on most medical writing projects; however, she chooses to specialise in three main areas:

Multimedia content

Writing for multimedia requires a different approach from writing for traditional print media. Messaging is not always linear, voice-over often accompanies animations, interactive components may be required, and writers must also be able to effectively communicate content for graphics and animations to artists and programmers. Choose a writer with experience in multimedia and who knows how to storyboard clearly.

Marketing materials

Whether through traditional print media or e-details, pharmaceutical marketing is a highly regulated and specialised environment, especially in Canada. Knowing how to write to the PAAB code and how to source your copy is as important as knowing what to write. It also requires a sound knowledge of marketing strategy, competitive landscapes, and copywriting skills. Choose a writer who understands both the strategic needs of the brand and the regulatory environment.

Advisory board coverage

Accurately taking notes from a meeting or presentation, gauging the reactions of participants to data and information, and then pulling everything together quickly into a report that the brand team can use requires someone who understands science, business and marketing. Choose an experienced writer who seamlessly combines all three to produce meeting reports tailored for your real-world needs.

Workshops and Training

Examples of available workshops include:

  • An introduction to searching the literature
  • Setting up a copy writing department
  • Is it PAABable? A quick overview for new product managers and brand teams
  • Writing for PAAB. A quick overview for copywriters
  • Media and web literacy


Amanda has worked on a wide-range of projects, either directly or through agencies and other communications partners. Many of the projects she has completed are covered by confidentiality agreements and so they can’t be shared; however writing samples from some projects are available upon request.
Please . if you’d like to set up an opportunity to view my portfolio.

Keywords: Marketing, Writer, Writing