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By: Mediato Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Reporting System

Mediato technologies STAR© System:

Mediato technologies provides manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace and manufacturing industries,
robust and cost-effective business solutions.  Mediato’s new Structural Analysis and Reporting System (STAR© System)
is an integrated component, program management, and reporting system.  It is designed to improve efficiencies and reduce
costs up to 99%. Our exciting enterprise-level software integrates component management and planning, structural design,
and environmental analysis to complete a thorough, accurate structural analysis in an organized, user-friendly, and highly
scalable solution.

Organized:  Imagine having all the information you need for a structural analysis project in one place and knowing it is
the latest and most accurate version.  This is a uniquely powerful system for your structural analysis which allows you to
analyze not only the entire system, but also the sub-systems and individual components as well. The software provides
a central, single repository for all the information, including the documentation and graphics.User-friendly:  Designed with our users in mind, our solutions are intuitive and will guide you through the process
seamlessly. Scalable:  Mediato technologies STAR© System is a powerful enterprise-level tool on its own. With its scalability and
reporting capabilities, it can handle any number of programs and structures in an efficient and stable fashion.
The STAR© System has also been designed to easily integrate with other enterprise-wide applications to give you a
central reporting portal in order for you to leverage the information in your environment to get an overall view of the data in
a meaningful way.Accurate:  When dealing with complex structures, accuracy and timeliness are key factors. Having the information in
one location means users can be confident that they have the latest, updated, most accurate information at their fingertips.

Reduce analysis time from an average of 45 days to less than 1 hour

The benefits gained immediately are:
    • Error detection and elimination
    • Policy enforcement
    • Increased productivity
    • Cost efficiency
    • Structural performance reliability
    • Re-use and sharing of information in a secure fashion
    • Structural replication

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Keywords: Reporting System