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By: Mediasolv  09-12-2011
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MediaSolv is a flexible, secure platform with many powerful features built-in.

MediaSolv™ offers integrated Digital Evidence Management Solution that allows multiple sources of evidence to be digitized, stored, searched, retrieved and viewed within a single digital library. MediaSolv integrates evidence from multiple sources including: digital audio (911 calls, wiretaps, and surveillance audio), in-car video, digital video interrogation, digital images (photos, scanned film/prints), documents, and cold case files.

Third party add-ons allow layered voice analysis, language translation, full text search, and significantly improved business workflow. MediaSolv's integrated Digital Evidence Management solutions are currently utilized by law enforcement agencies including the Washington DC Police, Chicago Police, and Toronto Police Service. MediaSolv offers law enforcement agencies a secure platform for comprehensive management of all forms of digital evidence that moving forward, is both scalable and modular, providing departments of all sizes the flexibility needed to work with future mandates, new evidence formats and budget fluctuations.

An investment in MediaSolv today becomes your foundation for long-term integrated digital evidence management rather than a short-term solution to be replaced as new forms of evidence come to market.

MediaSolv™ Professional

  • MediaSolv Professional is the foundation of a highly scalable, highly capable integrated Digital Evidence Management System helping you to unlock the power of evidence.
  • An Integrated Digital Evidence Management software platform that can handle digital evidence of all types - videos, documents, photos, digital audio, cold case files
  • A Secure Central Database that can be shared with additional remote offices, all working together with Scalable Storage that can grow with you to meet your needs of today and the future
  • A highly available system for critical reliability with available redundant protection, even during active recordings
  • A full Chain of Custody audit trail maintaining Evidentiary Requirements
  • Advanced, customizable metadata search capability
  • A secure system utilizing Multi-Tiered Controlled Access

Sources of Digital Evidence


  • Store audio from 911 Calls with the associated case so that they can be easily organized, archived and retrieved by authorized individuals
  • Electronic Eavesdropping - MediaSolv can incorporate this critical evidence with other digital evidence such as a video interview, crime scene photos or surveillance video
  • Wiretaps
  • Surveillance Audio
  • Hidden Microphones

In-Car Video
Associate In-Car Videos with other case evidence so that all videos with a common incident can be easily retrieved together

Digital Photos
Store, organize and retrieve related digital photographs such as of crime scenes photos, photos of stolen articles, photos of injuries or tattoos, scanned film and prints, within appropriate case folders.

Stun-Gun Cam
Easily store additional video evidence such as from stun-gun cams capturing the incident which can then be associated with other ingested evidence such as from surveillance systems that show the individual, in-car video of officers arriving on scene, and subsequent video interview rooms where the individual was questioned

Video Interview Rooms

Store the entire Video Interview onto the central server, which associates all interviews with a common individual together so that all related evidence and interviews of a person can be recalled together. The VIS system is flexible in that it also includes support for covert cameras (such as those that look like sprinkler heads or wall mounted clocks) or other customer specified cameras.

Include other digital forensics evidence into the system, associating them with the same digital case management as other evidence. This way all relevant evidence regarding a particular case can be easily recalled and included in search results. Such as other digital photos of the scene, photos of individuals or associates, photos of documents, audio recordings, etc.

Easily input any investigative notes and documents (such as MS Word documents or PDF documents) and associate them with cases, and easily recall them later with the Full Text Search.

Cold Case Files
Easily transfer cold case files from storages boxes requiring hours of laborious manual searches to digital files that can easily be searched electronically by detectives using the power MediaSolv to help solve cold cases.

Powerful Functionality

Multiple Locations and Centralized Storage
MediaSolv Professional is scalable and expandable and can grow to accommodate numerous, possibly geographically dispersed, sites (such as precincts) consisting of users with a variety of roles and responsibilities. MediaSolv Professional collects and associates the data collected across these sites to allow authorized users at one site to search and view evidence data collected at another site allowing everyone to work together with a common, secured repository.


A central scalable storage database is at the center of all MediaSolv solutions. MediaSolv Professional Storage server can be expanded to securely store critical digital evidence from a variety of dispersed sites, safely in a redundant fail-over array.


A MediaSolv Solution includes the ability to securely archive data from the system, accounting for chain of evidence, freeing up valuable storage space for new digital evidence and video interviews.

Video Servers

MediaSolv Professional can be expanded with separate, dedicated Video Streaming servers, allowing bandwidth requirements to be possibly moved to different networks, and optimizing performance of the other storage and search servers. Streaming is done in an ISMA compliant format, with the option of streaming in Real Networks Helix format and QuickTime's Streaming Server format.

Application Servers

MediaSolv Solutions include dedicated high-performance servers with VIS Professional employing rack mount servers with mirrored arrays for safe storage. MediaSolv Application Servers include the web front end servers that clients can access to remotely view digital assets and video from any authorized workstation that is granted access to the network.

Third Party Applications

Full Business Workflow
MediaSolv Professional is uniquely configured for your operating environment and tailored for your particular business workflow. Such as when inputting new evidence, the request can be automatically directed to a manager for approval; or requests to create a DVD of a video segment gets requested to a manager, who once approves the request, automatically sends the approved request to the appropriate authority to burn the DVD. All while the system automatically tracks all requests, actions, and maintains chain of evidence.

Full Text Search

Allow authorized users to easily locate all digital evidence that they have access to. This allows a case manager to locate all documents based on search criteria.

Layered Voice Analysis

Add to MediaSolv Professional the optional Layered Voice Analysis to help detectives detect false statements during interviews and interrogations.

Language Translation

This optional component added to MediaSolv Professional allows for automated language translation of a variety of languages from video interviews and other audio/video sources. Highly useful for immigration services and generating transcripts for officers who do not speak the individual's language. Also, the transcript is then text searchable allowing for certain passages in a Video Interview to be easily recalled later..

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