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By: Md Buying Group  09-12-2011


Purchase medical, surgical and office supplies at prices far less than any individual practice.


MD Buying Group was started by Joel Lerner, DPM in 2005 in an effort to control escalating expenses in his busy six-physician practice. Hoping to reduce the rising costs of medical, surgical, and office supplies, Dr. Lerner recruited several other practices in the area to purchase together with him. Beginning as a small but cohesive group, they were able to negotiate better pricing on products.

Today, MDBG now has over 2,500 members nationwide. Our goal is to continue negotiating preferred pricing for individual private practices by leveraging the collective purchasing power of our group. This provides deep discounts on all medical, surgical and office supplies that your practice uses everyday! Low pricing is not based on your practice’s individual purchasing level but rather as MDBG membership continues to grow and total purchasing volume increases, the more opportunity there is to negotiate larger discounts. In other words, the more members we have, the better pricing we receive!

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