By: Mcvay And Associates  09-12-2011

We often hear senior leaders complain that despite having determined a clear and differentiating strategy for their business, they find that their managers are often not aligned.  One reason is that senior leaders have failed to engage their managers in the thought processes that led to the choices that have been made.  As a result, management is uncertain that the chosen path is the best choice for the business overall and for their responsibility in particular.

McVay and Associates' Strategic Thinking Disciplines course is a 5 day program that engages your senior managers and executives in the step by step process that leads to strategic choice.  Using the data you provide about your business, industry, customers and competitors, the course addresses the following issues:

·        What is the relative attractiveness of the industry and the individual businesses within it? 

·        What are the customer segments, what do they value from their services provider and what is their relative attractiveness? 

·        Who are the competitors and how are they positioned to win? 

·        What are your differentiating capabilities relative to the competitors and what attractive customer segments value? 

·        What are the strategic choices available? 

·        What is the best choice for your firm?

·        What are the actions and investments required and what is the sequencing necessary to achieve your strategic goals?

If your firm has yet to develop a finalized strategy, this course can build the thinking skills required of your leaders to undertake this critical process.