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By: Mclauchlin Wellness Clinic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Stretching Techniques


TRX Suspension Training

Suspension Training builds functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once.  Innovative body-weight based training equipment(anchored nylon straps) and specified exercise programs that focus on the human body as an integrated system.  All core all the time!  Standing to train-not sitting, tied down to a machine.7 week session *Registration required.Sport Yoga
A yoga based program of stretching techniques geared to provide a cross training benefit to the recreational or more serious athlete.
Stay limber in the off season, begin training or improve your current performance & comfort. *Recommended for runners *Ideal for men as well as women.Pilates
Pilates is a series of dynamic exercises performed on a mat that are designed to tone and strengthen the muscles in your abdominals, the low back, the buttocks, legs, pelvic floor and diaphragm. By building these core muscles, you will strengthen, reshape and lengthen muscles to create a more streamlined, leaner appearance and improve your posture.Pregnancy Yoga
Gentle, stretching yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation practices to nurture and help prepare the body and mind for childbirth. This class is facilitated by an instructor specifically trained in safe pose adaptations for the pregnant body.Baby & Me Yoga
A feature class that encourages bonding & social interaction. Caregivers reduce own fatique, realign & re strengthen; learning techniques to encourage babies physical development. Babies experience movement, release of tension/gas, improved digestion & better sleep patterns.
Selected datesStretch and Relax
Focus on your wellness; let go of stress and tension from the day with a moderate series of Yoga
yoga poses followed by a rejuvenating relaxation practice or guided visualization. Easy Yoga
A soothing “Easy does it” yoga based practice designed for a beginner.
Focus on body alignment, inner awareness, moving with breath. Frequent use of body supports such as chair, blocks.
Restorative movements followed by relaxation practice to help cope with daily discomforts. Also suitable for those with mobility concerns, arthritis, joints problems, or those in recovery.Gentle Yoga
Gentle yoga postures that allow participants to release the cares of the day and encourage the relaxation response.Kids Yoga Fun
A fun, interactive, low impact, & non-competitive fitness program for kids. Designed to stretch and strengthen the body, build self-awareness, confidence, coordination and concentration through traditional yoga poses, breath work, and yoga games. Grief Support Group
To mourn well is to live well. Begin with a private visit, please. Then, in a group setting let a caring coach help you put the puzzle of your life back together around the missing piece of your loved one. Learn self care, self discovery, self growth through this difficult life experience. *This service is free of charge.

YIN Yoga      
A meditative  practice of long-held, gentle poses primarily on the mat that encourages the balancing of yin energy  “allowing”.  Yin yoga targets connective tissue, fascia, joints, low back and is a compliment to other more active styles of yoga.

Seniors Movement
is designed to build joint mobility,  encourage full breaths , maintain body strength and wellness as the body ages.   Held in  clinic  ground floor waiting room –no stairs.   By appointment.

Keywords: Breathing Exercises, Stretching Techniques, Yoga,

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