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By: Mccathay Timber  09-12-2011
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Regarding your custom veneer needs, please contact our sales office for more information.

McCathay Timber stocks a wide variety of imported and domestically produced, specialty plywoods. We represent wood product manufacturers in Germany, Finland, Russia, Brazil and various countries throughout South America and Asia. Please give us a call

Lauan Plywood
Is available in a variety of wood species, such as Meranti, Melapi, and Virola. It primary use is for construction applications such as underlayment and cabinetry.

Finland Birch Plywood
Is a multiple veneer plywood with superior strength to weight ratio. Primary uses include cabinetry, steel-rule die boards, marine, and any other application calling for a very strong and flat sub-straight.
Birch Plywood
Is a multiple veneer plywood with a phenolic film surface that is heat permeated on both sides. Its superior strength properties make Mcfinn ideal for applications such as concrete forming and roof-truss manufacturing equipment.
Copper Beech Plywood
Often referred to as Multiplex, is a very dense and stable wood product, designed specifically for applications requiring optimal strength and dimensional stability. Since it can be easily machined, it is commonly used for tooling fixtures and die-boards.
Maple Die Board Plywood
Is a very dense and durable material with unique stability properties. Since it is manufactured with non-flammable adhesives, it can be laser cut and, therefore, very suitable for steel-rule die applications.
OBO-Presswood (Festholz)
Iis comprised of Beech wood veneers that are phenolic impregnated and fused together under extreme heat and pressure. The finished product is actually considered a thermoplastic with density and stability properties unlike no other wood-based product. It is very resistant to corrosive substances and also has a low coefficient of friction. Applications include hydro-forming, checking fixtures, furniture components, material handling pallets, and industrial flooring

McCathay Timber's parent company McCausey Lumber Company is the North American distributor for Master Plank Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), exclusively produced by Finnforest Corporation. Master Plank is an engineered wood product manufactured with Spruce wood veneers that are laminated together in a specific manner to disperse the normal defects found in ordinary solid-sawn lumber. Natural characteristics such as knots and wane, are rearranged to maximize strength and minimize warping and splitting. Essentially, Master Plank is a homogeneous lumber-type material with superior structural properties. give us a call. 800-6-VENEER

We operate with three slicers, a Marunaka SL-250, Marunaka NA 3 and a Fezer FM-30, and two dryers: A screen dryer, Schilde AG, and a roller, dryer Omeco. This equipment has increased our production to a yearly 15,000,000 square feet capacity.

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