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Keywords: contact management


Account and Contact Management

Track all customer interactions and add files, notes, or literature requests.

Assign ownership, establish account hierarchies, and track lead sources.

Share information captured at all points of interaction for a complete

customer view.

Opportunity Management

Track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and competitors.

Generate sales proposals automatically reflecting native customer currency.

View Opportunity Snapshot and e-mail key summary data to managers with

Real-time Interactive Dashboards

View performance metrics, diagnose key issues, and identify opportunities

from a single location.

Analyze key performance metrics such as pipeline status, open opportunities,

and win rates.

Calendar and Activity Management

Manage schedules and track phone calls, to-do items, events, and literature


Advanced Outlook Integration

Manage contacts, e-mail, and calendars using Microsoft Outlook within Sage

CRM SalesLogix.

Send e-mail and attachments using Outlook and record to Sage CRM SalesLogix


Sales Process Automation

Create custom processes based on product line, deal size, territory, or lead type.

Automate sales activities and assign objectives and results required

at each stage.

Forecasting and Reporting

Analyze sales campaigns, pipeline efficiency, revenue by lead source, and more.

Segment opportunities by account manager, region, or probability of close.

Lookups and Groups

Perform temporary lookups or create groups for repeat access to groups

of records.

Customer Communications/Mail Merge

Create custom HTML e-mail templates, then personalize and send using

Mail Merge.

Archive letters, e-mails, faxes, or proposals within customer account records.

Competitor Tracking

Record competitor product information as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Track sales team members, sales strategies, and reasons for win /loss.

Literature Fulfillment

Select cover letter, item, priority, send date, quantity, and shipping options.

Reference Library

Store product information, marketing collateral, manuals, pricing, and


Attach and send files from the Library in e-mails to customers and prospects.

Territory Realignment

Realign sales territories, create new teams, and reassign account ownership.

Integrated Marketing, Customer Service, and Support

View marketing campaign details, response rates, and associated sales revenue.

Arm sales reps with a history of their customers’ service and support issues.

Back-Office Integration

View accounting data such as credit status and accounts receivable balance.

Access current product information, inventory, pricing, and discounts.

Windows, Web, and Mobile

Select the access method(s) that best fit your varied sales team.

Synchronize rapidly and work offline, or work online over a network or the Web.

Utilize mobile phones and PDAs for quick access to customer data in the field.

Business Alerts/Notifications

Monitor data proactively and notify management when business conditions

are met.  Receive alerts via e-mail, pager, PDA, fax, cell phone, or Web browser.

Keywords: contact management

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Sage Migrator

Record ownership can be correctly mapped from the source to the target ensuring that account security and visibility rules are maintained in the new system. The engine provides the core functionality for connecting to a data source, transforming the data, and mapping and matching to target. In addition, it is possible to customize Sage Migrator to move customized data, or to exclude data that should not be brought across.


About Sage Software

Sage Software supports the needs, dreams, and challenges of small and midsized businesses by offering leading business management products and services. More than 2.8 million* North American small and midsized businesses currently rely on Sage Software applications. Sage Software is the North American business of UK-based The Sage Group plc.



Extensive data transformation capabilites with user preview ensure that the data is presented in the format required. Export contact information to be verified by a tele-marketing operation, then update the CRM system with the results. Is the premier Customer Data Integration solution from InaPlex, with full support for Sage SalesLogix. Much more powerful matching capabilities: prevent duplicates before they come in.


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Our products have been designed to ensure that CRM systems deliver the right information, in the right format, to the right people, and at the right time - enabling businesses to profit fully from the entire CRM investment. Sage Migrator provides a powerful, yet flexible, solution for migration across the entire range of Sage CRM Solutions. InaPlex develops data migration, data integration, and data cleansing solutions for leading CRM systems.



Extensive data transformation capabilites with user preview ensure that the data is presented in the format required. Inaport provides full support for Sage SalesLogix version 6.x and 7.x. Synchronize CRM information with corporate ERP systems.