Soul Moon Leatherwork & Vintage by soulmoon on Etsy

By: Twilight Hotel  09-12-2011

Soul Moon Leatherwork & Vintage

Soul Moon Products are the creations of leather and stone by Brandy Zdan


I like to work mainly with Deerskin and Elkskin.

Using the natural edges of the hide, I let the shape tell me what is to be made. Maybe there is

a natural hole in the hide that can be used as a button hole or a ragged edge for a purse front. I feel the more you use the natural shape of the hide the more unique designs you can create.


I am a collector at heart and I thrive on searching the long ailes of thrift stores seeking out that perfect find. Some of these 'finds' I will bring to you here. This will be anything from depression dishware to boho chic clothing of the 60's & 70's.