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By: Dauphin Plains Credit Union  09-12-2011

Available to all Dauphin Plains Credit Union account holders!

  • Conveniently bank when you want…anytime, anywhere
  • Save time by avoiding branch line-ups and travel time
  • Stay up-to-date with current account information
  • Save money by paying bills electronically
Computer Requirements
  • Personal Computer with a minimum 800 x 600 display resolution.
  • Modem or some form of access to the Internet
  • Internet Browser:
    • For Microsoft Windows
      • 128-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.5 or 6.0
      • 128-bit Netscape® 7.x
    • For Macintosh
      • 128-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.2 for OS X
      • 128-bit Netscape® 7.x for OS X
  • Access to the Internet Banking application from your Credit Union

How Does it Work?
With Internet banking, you can conduct all of your banking business from home, right over the Internet. It's all easy, and it's all safe, because our new [email protected] service uses 128-bit encryption. This is one of the highest forms of encryption technology available today.

About Browsers and Encryption
There are many different Web browsers on the market today. The most popular two are Netscape® and Microsoft Internet Explorer®. These two products come in dozens of different versions, and each has a different degree of security.

Web browsers deliver security by encrypting all of the information that travels between your computer and a server into unreadable messages. Even if they are somehow intercepted on the way from your computer to an online service, these encrypted messages are meaningless. Only when they reach their destination can they be decrypted back into useable messages by the server.

40-bit encryption is the most common kind. It's called that because the keys that it uses to encode messages are 40 bits long. For very sensitive transactions, though, the much stronger 128-bit encryption is recommended by all privacy advocates and security professionals.

Browser Version Link
128-bit Internet Explorer (Windows) 5.5 or 6.0
128-bit Internet Explorer (Mac) 5.2 for OS X
128-bit Netscape (Windows) 7.x
128-bit Netscape (Mac) 7.x for OS X

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