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By: Whitespottedhorse  09-12-2011
Keywords: Medicine Wheel, Medicine Wheel Teaching

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Canada’s Indigenous Historical Cultural Awareness Training – Custom Designed Seminars

White Spotted Horse provides unique and modern perspective in Indigenous traditional philosophies will cast light on Western and Indigenous World Views and give better understanding of what is needed for the future for you, your family, community and organizations.

(Presented on posters. Now available for Power Point Presentation):

  • Indigenous Customs and Traditional Teachings
  • Sharing Circles – Talking Stick/Rock/Feather
  • Spirit & Intent of First Nations/Canadian Treaties
  • What is Culture & It’s Influences – Marshall McLuhen/Media/Manitoba Youth Gangs
  • World Views – Western/Aboriginal – Communication Styles
  • Indigenous History of Canada – Pre-contact, Colonization, Treaties w/ Video, The British North American Act, Indian Act, Assimilation Policies, Indian Residential Schools, Sixties Scoop, The 1969 White Paper, The Red Paper, Key Supreme Court Cases, Aboriginal/Indian Definition, Land Claims, Section 35 of the Constitution (1982), Bill C-31, The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Urban Reserves, Self-Government, The Apology, and Canada’s Next Chapter with Aboriginal Peoples
  • Changing Status Quo – Current Statistics, Bridging the Gap (29 years!)
  • Indian Residential Schools Legacy w/Video - and Sharing Circle
  • Presenting Personal Sacred Bundle – Medicines, Pipe, Spirit Names, Clans, Colours, Vision Quest, Sundance, Sweat Lodge and songs
  • Seven Natural Gifts & Smudge Ceremony
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings: Medicine Wheel Meaning, Medicine Teachings, Surviving & Coping, Healing – Health and Harmony with the Medicine Wheel
  • De-colonization Medicine Wheel Teaching
  • Round Dance
  • Seven Natural Ways of Healing
  • Seven Grandfather Teachings (7 Sacred Teachings)
  • Circle of Law – Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Six Helpers for the Anishinaabe
  • Medicine Wheel Exercise (Communications)
  • The Ojibway Seven Fire Prophecy
  • Indigenous Prophesies (Ojibway, Lakota, Hopi, Alaskan, Mayan Calendar 2012)
  • The Anishinaabe Creators Story
  • What is Turtle Island?
  • Nanaboozhoo Stories
  • The Ojibway Clan System (Traditional Governance)
  • Butterfly Story
  • Two Islands Story – An Exercise on Values
  • Community Healing, Development, and Self-Government with the Medicine Wheel
  • Myth and Misconceptions on Aboriginal Peoples – Quiz
  • Turtle Teachings on Genuine Leadership Attributes

*** Currently using the videos of “Sleeping Children Awake” and “Did You Know” and “We Are All Treaty People”


  • Understanding Canadian Treaties and First Nations History (Also with The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba – Speakers Bureau)
  • Taking a closer look at the Spirit and Intent of Historic Treaty One and Two
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Managing 4 Generations in the Workplace
  • How to Recruit Aboriginal Workers
  • Change Management
  • The Personal Empowerment Hoop/Victim Hoop
  • Path to Happiness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing Trust
  • Killer Stress!!!
  • Excuses Begone!
  • Law of Attraction
  • Historical and Legal Look at Canada’s Treaties
  • How Ottawa Works
  • Duty to Consult & Accommodate With First Nations
  • Advance Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills (with the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.)
  • Roles & Responsibility of the Board (with the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.)
  • Advance Strategic Planning (with the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.)

Keywords: Medicine Wheel, Medicine Wheel Teaching

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The Canadian Indigenous Historical Timeline Poster (including Indigenous History document. Only his own best deeds, only the worst deeds of the Indians, has the white man told.. Shown in photo:Canadian Indigenous Timeline Poster – Board Room size – Large. Medicine Wheel Teaching poster on Personal and Society De-colonization. Personal Empowerment Hoop Teaching poster.


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For First Nations people, this workshop is also the beginning of First Nations understanding of who the First Nations people are and where they come from and moving forward to a greater future within the Canadian society of Kanata. Through a series of workshops, subjects cover Indigenous history and culture, demographics and todays social issues, sovereignty and treaties, and traditional teachings and storytelling.