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By: Whitespottedhorse  09-12-2011

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Indigenous Cultural/Historical Awareness Seminars


The Indigenous Cultural/Historical Awareness seminars provide information to clarify thinking and dispel myths about Indigenous peoples of Canada.  The workshop establishes linkages between historical events and present day issues.  Through a series of workshops, subjects cover Indigenous history and culture, demographics and todays social issues, sovereignty and treaties, and traditional teachings and storytelling.  The ultimate goal of the Indigenous Cultural/Historical Awareness seminars is to build understanding and respect.  It’s about relationship building.

The first step in building relationships between cultures is through cultural appreciation. The participants will walk through the history of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, from pre-contact, to today. This includes our values, traditions, history, current state and future direction, practices and protocols. For First Nations people, this workshop is also the beginning of First Nations understanding of who the First Nations people are and where they come from and moving forward to a greater future within the Canadian society of Kanata.


Workshops are customized based on the audience. For example, a workshop for medical doctors may incorporate a focus on traditional medicines and traditional teachings of the healing ways of the Medicine Wheel.  For First Nations leadership we would focus on Treaties and Self-Determination within the Canadian legal system.

Cultural/Historical Awareness Workshops and Cultural Sensitivity Training are appropriate for any organization which has interaction with Aboriginal peoples. This includes:

  • Corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Aboriginal organizations
  • First Nations communities

Session Information

  • Sessions are anywhere from one hour to three full days
  • Minimum of 4 participants to maximum of 25 participants
  • Allen can also provide lecture series format to accommodate larger groups

The workshops provide an environment where participants can ask sensitive questions and explore differing perspectives. During the custom designed seminars, you will increase your understanding of:

  • How culture influences individual, family and community relationships
  • The impact of culture in daily maintaining a balanced life at home, at work and in society
  • Improving Communications Skills
  • Identifying issues and reaching agreements
  • Freeing yourself to understand uniqueness
  • Purifying the body, mind and spirit
  • Letting go of negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions
  • The historical events of Indigenous peoples from an Indigenous perspective
  • Historical Perspective of Aboriginal Self-Government
  • Modern Perspectives of Aboriginal Self-Government
  • The diverse culture of the Indigenous peoples
  • Distinctions of Western and Aboriginal ideologies
  • The importance of the role of Aboriginal peoples in increased workplace representation
  • Helping eliminate myths and misconceptions about Aboriginal peoples
  • Improving relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples
  • The future that Indigenous people are creating through various social, economic and political initiatives that benefits all in our society.

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White Spotted Horse provides unique and modern perspective in Indigenous traditional philosophies will cast light on Western and Indigenous World Views and give better understanding of what is needed for the future for you, your family, community and organizations. Medicine Wheel Teachings: Medicine Wheel Meaning, Medicine Teachings, Surviving & Coping, Healing – Health and Harmony with the Medicine Wheel.


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The Canadian Indigenous Historical Timeline Poster (including Indigenous History document. Only his own best deeds, only the worst deeds of the Indians, has the white man told.. Shown in photo:Canadian Indigenous Timeline Poster – Board Room size – Large. Medicine Wheel Teaching poster on Personal and Society De-colonization. Personal Empowerment Hoop Teaching poster.