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By: Voi Networks  09-12-2011

VOI Broadband

Canada's fastest Broadband

- Available in most large condo, apartment buildings, and commercial locations
- Support 24x7x365
- Lowest latency connection
- Ultimate Gamers Connection with enhanced online multiplayer support
- Private line access (Not Shared)
- Symmetrical Internet, same upload speed as download speed

Ever get tired of waiting for that page to download? Or are you getting sick of the lag in your online games? No longer, Our service is the fastest Broadband available in Canada. We offer a truly symmetrical Internet service. What this means is that you can send and receive data at the same speeds. Don’t be held back with your current Cable or DSL providers. Unlike the competition who has there equipment several kilometers away. Our pipe to the Internet is brought right to the building you live in. What this means is a much faster and more robust Internet service. The end result being that your pages load up much faster.

VOI Telephone

With Unlimited Local-Calling, Pay for only what you need

- Keep your current telephone number or receive a new one at no charge
- All calling feature’s included
- Crystal clear digital calls
- Lowest long distance rates
- No Internet connection required
- Work with your existing phones
- Phones can be plugged into any jack in your suite
- Phone stays online during power outage
- Enhanced 911 Service

All price are normal on-going, non promotional and non limited time
A Bundle is any combination of one of our Internet and one of our Phone plans

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