By: Topigs  09-12-2011

TOPIGS InGene allows you to produce TOPIGS sows on your own farm. With TOPIGS InGene’s in-house nucleus system you can work with the best genetics directly from the top of the TOPIGS breeding pyramid. Our specialists support you with high quality service and knowledge at every stage of the breeding and selection process. Via TOPIGS InGene you can also to link your farm to Pigbase, the TOPIGS breeding base. This is the world’s biggest pig-breeding database. It allows you to select on a massive scale with data from more than 750 herds and 250,000 active sows, and over 20 million items of historical data.

Advantages of TOPIGS InGene:

  • create a closed or virtually closed farm, only semen is brought onto your farm
  • benefit from genetic information collected by you and others worldwide
  • achieve maximum genetic progress by using genetics from the top of the breeding pyramid
  • enjoy user-friendly integration of the breeding advice in your sow management system
  • select tailor-made farm-specific characteristics

Other products and services from Topigs



Offspring of this boar excel in the fattening stage, combining high feed efficiency with high carcass and meat quality. Progeny suitable for ad-lib feeding systems (dry feeders as well as slurry feeders. Combines high daily gain with low feed conversion. The Talent boar is bred from the TOPIGS D-line. The qualities of the Talent boar progeny are.



The Tempo is a boar that excels in the vitality of its progeny and is bred from a TOPIGS E-line (Large White type). Tempo boar offspring are fast growing, strong and robust pigs from birth to market. It is well known for its vitality and feed intake.


Top Pi

The boar is completely stress-free, which means that its progeny are vigorous. The Top Pie sire is very lean and has a very high meat percentage. Top Pie carcasses show low drip losses.



The TOPIGS 20 sow is a F1 animal based on the Z-line (Large White type) and the N-line. Production of vigorous piglets with a high daily gain and low feed- conversion rate. Large number of piglets produced per litter. Calm and self-reliant sow with robust legs.



The TOPIGS 40 sow is an F1 animal based on the A-line (Large White type) and B-line (Landrace type). Excellent utility characteristics, very good in showing oestrus. Good performance, even under challenging conditions. Robust sow with a renowned feed intake capacity.