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By: Steamco Music  09-12-2011
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NOVEMBER 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to edition #1 of our newsletter!

This Month's Featured Product

I would like to talk a little bit about WGS speakers and try to disspell some misconceptions about thier products.

WGS is a traditional, family owned, American speaker manufacturer located in downtown Paducah, KY, USA. This factory has been producing speakers for many years, mostly as OEM for other comopanies. When they decided to launch the WGS line of speakers their intention was create a quality product line at an affordable price. When the line was first launched, the products were priced exremely affordably (to say the least!). This made most consumers very happy but had one bad side effect. To some, it gave the impression that they were "cheap, crappy clone speakers"

In my little rant today, I just want to say that nothing could be further from the truth. In an age where everything seems to be farmed out to China, WGS are still made in the good old USA and have proven to be one of our best lines for quality. In fact, i can count on 1 hand , the amount of speakers that have been returned due to factory defects since we started. Let's put that all aside for the moment and get to what really matters to most....


We have been extremely impressed with the results we have gotten with WGS in our Voltage cabinet line. Both tone and quality I think meets or exceeds that of much higher priced drivers. Tone is a subjective thing, what floats one guys boat may not to another so take it as 2 guy's opinions. I'm not saying that the "industry standard" (you know who I am talking about) drivers aren't as good, just that the WGS products should be considered equally when choosing drivers.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

Avatar Cabinet Cover Blowout!

We are blowing out all remaining Avatar Cabinet Covers at cost! 

These is a custom hand made in Canada covers that perfectly fit Avatar cabinets. Tough cordura shell, foam padding inside and a nylon interior. Corresponding holes for the handles make carrying a breeze. All the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Quantities are limited so don't snooze on this one!

Here are a couple of pics of new cabs fresh out of the shop!

VB212 Classic in Tweed w/ Oxblood Gold Stripe grill

S112 in Brown Western w/ Black Jute grill

VB212 Classic in Rough Orange w/ Tan Jute grill

S112 in Purple w/ Black Jute grill

Watch for the release of the VB112 Classic - coming soon!

More info on Voltage cabs at:


New Items in the store!

Nordstrand "Nordy" VP5 in Natural

Large Mesa/Ampeg style strap handles with nickel fittings. These have the look and feel of leather but are synthetic. 88 lbs carrying capacity

Available in Black, Tan or Brown. Includes mounting hardware 

Elrick e-Volution Hybrid 5 in Spalt Burl Maple

New Coverings in stock

British Cocoa                     Brown Western                Mesa style Black              Fender style tweed

WGS 15" G15C Ceramic Speaker - 75 Watts


Keywords: Newsletter, Speakers