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By: St Vital Hearing Centre  09-12-2011
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We specialize in 100% digital hearing aids, which pack the power of a personal computer into a tiny device for exceptional sound quality. Automatic volume adjustment and several frequency bands means that your hearing aid can be programmed specifically to meet your individual needs, with background noise and telephone feedback significantly reduced. Some aids are designed just for minor hearing loss and because no ear mold is required you can go home with a sound hearing solution on the same day as your test.

Photo: the Delta by Oticon (On the Ear – OTE, Receiver- In-the-Ear (RITE)

The type of hearing aid you need will be determined by the severity of your hearing loss. Some different types of hearing aids include:

Epoq BTE (behind-the-ear) and RITE (receiver-in-the-ear)

The compact design and ultra-thin sound tube make this Receiver-in-the-Ear concept both functional and discreet. The sound tube goes into your ear and is virtually invisible. Excellent sound quality, combined with a variety of styles and colours, make the Epoq a very popular design. Epoq also comes in a BTE (Behind-the-Ear) style.

Oticon Dual RITE(receiver-in-the-ear)

The Oticon Dual RITE (Receiver-in-the-ear) places the speaker snugly in your ear. The “Receiver-in-the-Ear” concept makes Oticon Dual look virtually invisible - and sound exceptionally clear. The speaker is built into either a soft dome or micro-mold.

There are two types of Oticon Dual, four different styles – and a multitude of colours!

New! Oticon ConnectLine

Talk on the phone, watch TV and listen to music with just as much ease as everyone else. With ConnectLine, sounds are streamed directly to the Epoq instruments via the user-friendly, Oticon Streamer, improving speech intelligibility and sound quality.

Oticon ConnectLine offers following solutions:

  • ConnectLine TV

    Significantly improved TV experience free of echos and lip-sync problems.

  • ConnectLine Phone

    Handsfree communication with new found ease.

  • ConnectLine Mobile

    Easy communication with a clear signal.

  • ConnectLine Music

    Excellent sound quality through wireless headphones.

  • ConnectLine PC

    Turning the hearing instruments into a wireless headset.

  • ConnectLine Remote

    Use the Streamer to switch from TV listening to mobile conversation with the push of a button.

Ease of use

It’s as easy as pushing a button. Everything has been engineered to work as a complete system with ease of operation and seamless integration. The ConnectLine TV and ConnectLine Phone solutions work perfectly together or as individual, stand alone solutions, depending on your needs.

Hearing Evaluations

The truth is in the test. At St. Vital Hearing Centre we use some of the most advanced hearing technologies available, such as computer-linked audiometry that can display instantaneous results and equipment that can program and modify almost every digital hearing aid on the market.

Your hearing is our priority.

Once we’ve determined your particular level of hearing loss we’ll discuss all of your options. The extent of your hearing loss, combined with your lifestyle, will determine the type of hearing aid that is best suited for you.

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