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By: Seerx  09-12-2011
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Hardware Support

Your firewall is configured and ready to go. You have connectivity between your branches and even home offices. Your Internet usage policy is in place and once your computers are purchased and installed, your staff will only be able to surf to business related web sites. That's all taken care of.

But what about those workstations and servers? Which manufacturer should you pick when buying computer hardware?

Workstations and Servers

Seerx thought long and hard about creating their own brand of workstations - "white boxes" that we build and then resell to our clients. But it really made no sense. Why reinvent the wheel - or in this case - the computer? Why not simply resell something that has already managed to capture most of the market share, that constantly updates their product with the latest in processers, chipsets and innovative chassis designs? Why not team up with a manufacturer that has a 24x7x365 support and warranty on all the products they sell? So in 2001, when we started supporting small businesses, we looked to the Internet for the answer. And the answer was very simple:

At that time, none of the big manufacturers of computers had Dell's web presence. You could literally build your own computer from a menu system that was simple to understand and just as easy to use. Their warranty - a 3 year, next business day on-site warranty, is pretty well the industry standard today, but back then was industry leading.

And it wasn't just Dell workstations we began to resell. We partnered with Dell to get some of the industry's best servers into our client's hands. If an internal part broke down, Dell would be contacted and after verifying that the problem was hardware related, would send a Dell representative the next day to replace the affected part. If it turned out to be a setup issue, the Dell technician would stay with us, on the phone as long as it took to get the issue resolved. That sort of support continues until today. We have become one of Western Canada's biggest resellers of Dell product. In fact, we rank in Dell's top 100 resellers in Canada. We look forward to our continued relationship with Dell.

Keywords: Workstations

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Today, it is hard to even imagine for a second, buying a computer and making it "standalone" without connection to "THE" network - the Internet. In there every week, two editors, Seymour and Dvorak would argue about the merits of networked computers vs. the standalone. Over the past 8 years we have had the privilege of working closely together with both local ISPs. Changing where your DNS record resides.