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By: Seerx  09-12-2011
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Network Design

Networking - when 2 or more computers talk to each other to share information or resources. Back in the 80's one computer magazine ruled the newstands - PC Magazine. In there every week, two editors, Seymour and Dvorak would argue about the merits of networked computers vs. the standalone. Well, eventually the networked computer won out. Today, it is hard to even imagine for a second, buying a computer and making it "standalone" without connection to "THE" network - the Internet.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection
to the WAN (Wide Area Network)

Having a bunch of computers hooked together just isn't enough anymore. They eventually need to connect to the Internet in some way. That is where ISPs come in to play. Over the past 8 years we have had the privilege of working closely together with both local ISPs,

as they matured from being a local cable company (Shaw) and a local telephone company (MTS) into being our city's two major ISPs. If you need help with any of the following,

  • Setting up ISP accounts
  • Choosing the type of plan
  • Implementing static IP addresses for Internet facing firewalls
  • Setting up reverse DNS (Domain Name System) entries
  • Altering MX (Mail Exchange) records
  • Changing where your DNS record resides
  • Troubleshooting your Internet connection
  • Changing ISPs

then Seerx can help you or your company work with these two ISPs to accomplish your goals.

Keywords: Computers

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Seerx Technologies Inc. - System Support

Their warranty - a 3 year, next business day on-site warranty, is pretty well the industry standard today, but back then was industry leading. Seerx thought long and hard about creating their own brand of workstations - "white boxes" that we build and then resell to our clients. Why not team up with a manufacturer that has a 24x7x365 support and warranty on all the products they sell.