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By: Schaudental  09-12-2011
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Crowns can be used to correct color and alignment defects as well as structural damage to individual teeth. This process is more invasive than veneers, but provides a stronger restoration when added strength is required. Crowns come in 3 basic types: all-gold, all-porcelain, or a blend of the two. Gold is the most predictable and requires the least removal of tooth structure, but may not be the best cosmetic choice. For the best cosmetics, all-porcelain crowns are the crown of choice, but sometimes requires removal of more tooth structure than the other crowns, and has a higher risk factor for cracking than gold crowns. PBM’s (porcelain bonded to metal crowns) provide an OK cosmetic result while relying on the predictability of the metal for a tight seal.  PBM’s are currently the most common crown choice, but recent advances in all porcelain crowns are starting to change that.

Sample Cases Performed By Dr. Schau

8 Procera Crowns

One of the downsides to PBM style crowns is over time the metal can start to show at the gumline as it tends to stain the surrounding tooth structure. Additionally, it can be hard to mask out the metal and get a truly natural color to the crown. For this individual there were several PBM style crowns on her top teeth that were breaking down. The color matching was not the greatest as the crowns were done at different times some of the crowns were showing the characteristic “black line” at the gumline. Rather than doing a couple at a time, the patient opted to have 8 done at once. This allowed for the best control over the shape and color of the new crowns. And to really enhance the new look the choice was made to use Procera all porcelain crowns. To manage the length of the appointments, treatment was performed over three visits.

Four Crowns While Preserving Individuality

One of the nice things about crowns is we have full control over their final shape. This individual did not like the look of her front teeth as they were discolored, chipping, and heavily worn down. However, she did like the space between her front teeth and wanted to maintain that. To correct her concerns, four Procera crowns were done on the top front four teeth. A new smile, with a hint of the old look resulting in a very happy patient.

Keywords: teeth