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By: Redline Software  09-12-2011

Redzone was started by one of Redline's founders while involved as an executive member of an amateur sports organization. This organization realized how vital it was to have a presence on the Internet for efficiently communicating with its membership and for promoting the league.

Many leagues don't have the resources to create a professional looking website or the ones that do, simply don't have the time. Sports leagues are run primarily by volunteers, so time spent on league affairs is at a premium. Redzone was designed to maximize their productivity.

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Members of our team have development experience in E-Commerce, Financial Planning, Network Planning, Public Safety Systems, Scientific Computing and Wireless Communications just to name a few. You are looking for a team to help you build that next great web application while taking advantage of the Rails framework. You have a development team already, but you lack the RoR experience to take your software to the next level.