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WorldCat data—contributed by thousands of member libraries from around the world—is the foundation for a variety of interconnected services. Working together, they help libraries save money, increase efficiency, and better serve their communities.

Cataloging and Metadata

Member contributions to WorldCat provide the first step towards making materials more visible and useful on the Web. and provide many options and features for busy catalogers. updates large volumes of records at a time. Physical materials from vendors in the program come with MARC records attached, as do content packages in our .

Content and Collections

OCLC members can also strengthen their collections with content offered directly by OCLC. You automatically get MARC records and WorldCat holdings set for titles in the database of art-museum images and packaged of non-English materials. And all materials are easily searched from WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local.

Reference and Discovery

WorldCat encourages discovery both within your walls and across the Internet. The reference service helps onsite and authenticated remote users to find resources in your library first. A subscription to WorldCat on FirstSearch now comes with the WorldCat Local "quick start" service, delivering local and global resources in a single search.
Information seekers on the Web who visit Google, Yahoo! and other popular sites can discover items in your collection through search-result links to , where they identify their location, select your library and are redirected to the item record in your OPAC. The OCLC-hosted solutions and provide a customized, single search that connects people to all your materials—print, digital and electronic—and to the library delivery services that get them what they need.

Resource Sharing and Delivery

Digital Collection Management

Management Services and Systems

Web and Data Services

The free lets your institution maintain a single, up-to-date institutional profile of commonly referenced data (including street addresses, key contacts, identifying symbols/codes, OpenURL and other electronic-service URLs) that is easily shared with and referenced by vendors, consortium members, funding bodies and other stakeholders. Profile data also drives linking to local content and services in WorldCat.org as well as the resolving service.
WorldCat data is also available to qualifying institutions to be re-used in mash-ups and other open source environment-type activities. The provides access to a FRBR-ized set of WorldCat bibliographic records and holdings. Web services such as and allow a Web site to query WorldCat and receive related editions of a book, or all variant, predecessor, or successor editions of a serial.

Keywords: libraries

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