NICHE RMS - Police Records Management System - mobility

By: Niche Rms  09-12-2011

Niche RMS includes an integrated mobile field reporting capability. The system operates well over very low bandwidth radio networks. This, combined with exceptional capability in the disconnected mode, is very useful in remote locations.

Niche RMS also supports hand-held PDAs and BlackBerries. A growing number of customers are using handheld mobile devices for system access and data input on the street.

These mobile options not only improve police effectiveness on patrol but also consistently add to patrol time spent in the community during each shift.

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NICHE RMS - Police Records Management System - data sharing

Niche RMS supports multi-jurisdictional information sharing, allowing services to share information from either a single central server installation or by linking separate Niche RMS installations through our unique data sharing feature - InterNiche. The implementation of Niche RMS by the Ontario Provincial Police Technology and Information Cooperative in 1999 remains one of the largest data sharing cooperatives in North America.


NICHE RMS - Police Records Management System - products

Our Records Management System is used by approximately 75,000 sworn officers in more than 90 agencies, including seven of the 25 largest police agencies in the English-speaking world. Current implementation projects will see the number of officers using Niche RMS rise to nearly 100,000. Niche Technology is a world leader in police records management and information sharing.


NICHE RMS - Police Records Management System - ongoing support

Ongoing support provided by our team in Winnipeg is one of the key services Niche provides to customers, covering assistance and advice on performance monitoring, patches and upgrades, new version releases and a range of other issues. Identifying and disseminating best practices in the use of Niche RMS to customers and facilitating the exchange of ideas and practices between jurisdictions.