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Keywords: Application Development, managed hosting

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be answered within a day or two, supposing you had a dedicated guide to meet your needs right away. This type of proactive support represents a revolution in web based customer service delivery.

LiveChat lets you engage your potential web clients directly, adding that real-world experience to your website, thereby adding value and increasing your conversions.

LiveChat can provide several additional advantages :
  • Increased site conversions – Proactive engagement with visitors may increase conversions up to 80% (based on statistical research).
  • Fits your existing site – The technology is straightforward and easy to install and use with your existing website – nothing special is required, and we provide the Windows application interface at no extra cost.
  • Immediate response – Unlike telephone support, LiveChat answers questions right away, without putting customers ‘on hold’ in a queue.
  • Globally accessible – Online support spans the globe crossing all time zones and geographic boundaries, providing a unified English language support platform.
  • Enhanced sales – Fit customers with the right product or service immediately, providing also the opportunity for cross selling of additional compatible products.
  • Long term profits – Friendly, helpful chat will delight customers, enhancing their loyalty, generating a willingness to pay a premium, and gaining you additional word-of-mouth business ‘as the word spreads’.
  • Customer service focus – Stand apart in the online world with superior customer service that most other sites just don’t yet offer.

Keywords: Application Development, managed hosting

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