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By: Maverick Media  09-12-2011
Keywords: Public Relations, Press Release, Media Strategies

Adding media relations to your marketing mix is an effective way to raise awareness and grow profits for your organization. When potential customers or clients hear good things about your product, service or organization, closing sales or soliciting donations can become a lot easier.

Learn how to:

  • Create more story angles.
  • Develop pitches that will sell editors in 10 seconds or less.
  • Turn small stories into features.
  • Break into national press.
  • Write effective press releases.
  • Triple your annual media coverage.
  • Gain direct access to editors, reporters and feature writers.

"If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail."

Do you worry about what to do if your or your organization is suddenly thrust into the media spotlight? If reporters showed up unannounced at your office, can you clearly communicate with the media? Nicole Harris's one-day intensive workshop, Under the Umbrella.. How to Weather a Media Storm, will empower you with the tools and key skills required to deal with the media in a crisis. Nicole will coach you on how to protect your organization's image and reputation. Each workshop incorporates lively presentations and videotaped role-plays of mock scenarios as well as individual feedback. Take away handy do's and don'ts and action templates that will help you survive during times of crisis.

A crisis can happen to any organization, at any time. Maverick Media specializes in preparing people and organizations to manage a crisis before it hits with a customized Crisis Communications Plan so easy to execute that anyone can do it. Nicole Harris will work with key team members to develop a plan that provides a step-by step guide to preparing for and handling the media during crisis.

Each Crisis Communications Plan is customized to include:

  • Identifying the Crisis Communications Team & Spokesperson.
  • Media contacts, policies & procedures.
  • Key messages and prepared statements.
  • Step-by step instructions to hosting a news conference.
  • Media advisory and press release templates.

"When your company's reputation is at stake do you know the right things to say and how to say them?"

While success does not happen overnight, failure often does. It has been said that 30 years of building a brand can be destroyed in 30 seconds. Maverick Media works with clients to protect their brand in the media with a proactive strategic approach that aggressively works with the media all year long, not only in a crisis.

Don't let the media establish the perception of your organization. Brand & Reputation Management is perfect for public relations or public affairs managers who want to stay in front of the issues and industry professionals who want to educate the media on a continuous basis. Brand & Reputation Management in the media can help build public support and boost public opinion for your organization.

Every organization has a story to tell. So what's yours?

With more than 14 years of experience as a reporter, Maverick Media can find a good news story begging to be told or a bad news story waiting to happen. Before you put your media relations strategy to bed, let Nicole Harris do a little investigative reporting on the inside and discover the stories that could generate positive media coverage for your organization, shareholders or key staff members.

Are you the expert in your field?

The media often looks to business analysts, academic and industry professionals for their "expert opinion". Learn why you should return media calls, how to avoid being misquoted and why you should never go "off the record". As a skilled spokesperson for your organization, you can build your profile and your organization's reputation. Deliver your message with substance and style so the media has you top of mind and top of their contact list!

Create Winning Social Media Strategies

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are all proactive platforms to help businesses and organizations share, interact and engage current and potential customers, employees and others. Nicole Harris can help you choose the best media strategies to grow your organization's on-line community, effectively prepare for a social media crisis and transform online news reports, blogs, Facebook updates, YouTube videos or Twitter entries into positive trust-building opportunities.

Keywords: Media Strategies, Media Works, Press Release, Public Relations

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