By: Manitoba Islamic Association  09-12-2011
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Part A: Before processing the marriage 

The performance of marriage from Islamic perspective necessitates the following:

1. Groom and Bride:

  1. The groom and the bride must agree about their marriage out of their own free will. 

2. Wali:

  1. The Wali is the next of kin of the bride entitled to authorize the marriage of the bride and the groom.
  2. The Wali must be a man.
  3. The Wali must be the father of the bride unless otherwise.   
  4. The Wali must be Muslim unless the bride is from the people of the book.

3. The witnesses:

  1. The witnesses must be two up right Muslim men.
  2. The witnesses should be known to the couple willing to marry.
  3. One witness should be from the groom’s side and the second witness should be from the bride's side.

4. The Mahr:

  1. The mahr (dower) is a valuable gift that must be given to the bride.
  2. The mahr could be an amount of money, jewelry or any other thing that has a value.
  3. The minimum amount of dower is $20 CDN.
  4. The couple should agree on method of payment of the mahr.

5. The Phrasing:

  1. The phrasing refers to the specific wordings needed to perform a valid Islamic marriage.
  2. The phrasing is conducted by a qualified marriage officer. 
  3. A qualified marriage officer is a man who is well-versed in the Fiqh of marriage. 
  4. The Imam of MIA, Sheikh Hosni Azzabi is a legitimate marriage officer.

Part B: Fill the form and submit it to the Imam

Part C: Processing the marriage

  1. After reading Part A, fill out the form in Part B and send it to the Imam.
  2. Fees: $ 80.00. 
  3. The Imam performs the marriage at the Masjid.
  4. Only refreshments are allowed to be served at the Masjid after performing the marriage.
  5. An Islamic marriage certificate will be issued. The original is to remain with the bride and a copy is to be left in the records of the Manitoba Islamic Association.
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: bride, marriage

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