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By: Lo Chan Marriage & Family Therapy  09-12-2011

Services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Office Hours and Location

I see clients Monday to Thursday (day and evening appointments), and Saturday (day appointments only) at my office in the Royal Commercial Centre, 56 Parkes Street, Jordon, Kowloon (Jordon MTR station exit C2).

Length of Sessions

I usually meet with clients for one hour sessions. When necessary, sessions are held for 1½ hours.

Length of Therapy

The length of therapy depends on the nature of the issue that you bring into therapy, and the depth of the exploration required in order to achieve the improvements you would like. I have worked with clients who are able to accomplish their therapy goals within 6 to 12 sessions; it takes longer for those who choose to do more in-depth work for their personal, relational and family growth or for families who have problems that are more deeply embedded. Normally, we would work together to set one concrete therapy goal at a time for you or your family, and we will constantly review and evaluate your progress in therapy to determine further work that is required.

My Clinical Supervision and Consultation Services

Service Fees and Location

My service fee is charged on an hourly basis, and I provide individual, dyad and group supervision. Usually I meet with you at my office, or at your office, or by telephone and internet (if you reside outside Hong Kong).

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