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By: Leipsic  09-12-2011
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We build and sustain relationships with selected Financial Advisory firms, to offer clients an integrated approach to wealth preservation.

We offer superior value to our clients through access to exceptional insurance coverage, claims management, and service. And we maintain and enhance this value by creating an environment where value through innovation is in the mindset of every employee and partner we choose.

We work hard to deliver on the following components of our client experience:

  • A focus on optimizing coverage-to-premium value
    We focus on providing optimal value to our clients through assessing the coverage needs for each individual and providing recommendations to reduce premiums when possible.
  • A complete risk assessment
    We offer a complete assessment of the risks our clients face through a comprehensive Personal Insurance Review, providing us with a deep understanding of our clients' lifstyles and potential exposures to financial loss.
  • A dedicated team of advisors
    Leipsic works as a team. Our Advisors, Managers, and Support team is comprised of highly educated and talented individuals, with a diverse background and skill-set.
  • Access to leading insurers who focus on unique coverages for the affluent
    We offer access to insurers who focus primarily on the unique coverages and risks that individuals and families with high-valued properties and possessions face. Superior underwriting and claims service sets them apart, providing real value to our clients when they most need it.
  • Honesty, professionalism and integrity
    We pride ourselves on our professional and honest approach to client service and risk management advice, keeping in mind at all times the perspective of the client.
  • Continuous Research
    We pro-actively protect our clients in the long-term through constant monitoring and objective analyses of our partner insurers, as well as other insurers in the industry to ensure that we continue to provide access to the best coverage with financial strong and stable insurers.
  • A focus on client feedback
    We know value is defined by our clients. Therefore, we place the feedback we receive at the forefront of our improvements for the future.
  • A dedication to innovation
    Our innovative corporate culture drives new ideas, service offerings, and solutions for the future to continuously enhance and create value to our clients through increased convenience in accessing and placing insurance, improved communication, and enhanced systems to continuously deliver higher quality service.
  • A holistic approach of integrating risk management with wealth management
    By partnering with select Financial Advisors across Canada, we enhance our value to our clients through aligning risk management with wealth management — a large amount of the wealth individuals hold lies in their belongings - whether it be their property, valuables, or status in their community — and these aspects are what we protect through personal property and liability insurance coverage. Our innovative approach minimizes gaps in coverage and reduces exposures to financial loss.

Keywords: Insurers, personal insurance

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Leipsic Private Risk Management - Services - services

We design, implement, and manage personal property and personal liability insurance portfolios to meet the unique needs of affluent families and individuals, protecting the fixed assets on the personal balance sheet. Annual reviews with consolidation of all policies, including international policies, placed in one binder for ease of management.


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Our insurers offer superior underwriting ability allowing them to provide innovative products and services not readily available in the marketplace, ultimately minimizing client exposure to financial loss and leading to impressive financial strength. Our insurers maintain excess capital far exceeding minimum requirements, demonstrating superior financial stability and ability to pay claims.