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By: Lavergne Draward  09-12-2011
Keywords: building projects, Structural Engineers, Contract Documents

Using such information as structural loads, geometry, support conditions and material properties we are able to analyze structure systems and their components. This analysis is used to drive the engineering design process or to prove the soundness of a design without a dependence on testing.  From this, we design building structures that are structurally sound. We do this in accordance with the requirements set out by the National Building Code and within the budget parameters set out by the project requirements.

We have prepared Contract Documents and Specifications for a multitude of building projects. As part of the preparation of Contract Documents we emphasize and focus on detail and simplicity. As we detail our drawings we ‘walk around all levels of the building’ to ensure that all necessary details and information is included on the final set of contract documents. This procedure minimizes contractor requests for information and potential change order costs. Our goal is to minimize and if all possible eliminate change orders and we do so by being proactive while we prepare these documents.  This makes the Contractors job easier and can lower overall construction costs.

Following the preparation of the Contract Documents we provide services during the tender phase and construction phases of building projects. This service includes the review of shop drawings, response to contractor queries, review of construction and certification of the construction work upon completion.

In this time of uncertainty and concern with regards to the environment and depleting natural resources, we have taken it upon ourselves to be environmentally responsible. To that end, we make every effort to design buildings that are constructed with materials that are environmentally sustainable. Through the Integrated Design Process where all the interested parties including the consultant team, the owners and users meet to ‘design’ the building, we are able to establish the requirements of the building project. The result is a better most cost effective project. The future of our children depends on it.

Through structural analysis we can determine the capacity of existing structures or individual structural components. This information can then be used to determine whether or not the structure meets the requirements of the National or Provincial Building Codes with regards to the intended occupancy or a new occupancy requiring different design loads. This can be of great benefit to an owner who is looking at making changes to his existing building or structure.

As structural engineers we are often required to review and/or provide cost estimates for projects in which we are involved. This review reduces the possibility of cost overruns provides building owners with assurance that contractor quotations are fair and reasonable.

We evaluate existing structures for a multitude of reasons. The most common of which is to provide the owner with a ‘snap shot’ of the condition of the building structure in question. This evaluation usually includes a review of existing drawings and specifications, a visual assessment of the structure and the preparation of a report outlining our findings.  Other evaluations include assessment of an existing structural and/or foundation issues in order to determine the cause of the problem.

The feasibility of any given project is necessary before the owner can proceed. As part of this service, we establish whether or not existing facilities provide sufficient structural capacity, whether or not they can be added to and whether or not there may be different options. This includes confirmation of site influences and where necessary, site selection and procurement of geotechnical investigations to determine suitable foundation options. The study often evaluates several options and eventually identifies a total scope and preliminary cost of the work.

Keywords: building projects, Contract Documents, Structural Engineers

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