CNG Dispensers, Hydrogen Dispensers, LPG Dispensers, and Petroleum dispensing Solutions

By: Kraus Global  09-12-2011

  CNG Dispensers

CNG (compressed natural gas) is a highly pressurized alternative fuel, and is one of the fastest growing alternative refueling choices for governments implementing clean air initiatives worldwide. Kraus compressed natural gas products such as CNG dispensers, compressed natural gas valves and CNG gas management pannels offer safe commercial and private CNG refueling solutions for these markets and expanding compressed natural gas markets around the world.

  Hydrogen Dispensers

Hydrogen, the newest alternative fuel to rapidly gain the attention of the international community, is experiencing its largest development in Europe and North America. Kraus is proud to be on the cutting edge of this development, designing hydrogen refueling solutions for pioneer projects such as the world's first Hydrogen Station (Munich Germany), and the Hydrogenics 100% clean-air hydrogen bus initiative (Canada).

  LPG Dispensers

LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is one of the most widely-used alternative fuels in the world, and is the driving force behind the Kraus LPG division. Kraus has been proudly supplying this industry with top-of-the-line liquified petroleum gas dispensers and LPG nozzles for over 10 years, making them one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers in the industry today.

  Petroleum Products

Petroleum is the number one commercially used fuel in the world. With over 1 million stations globally, it's no wonder that Kraus petroleum products such as Electronic Metering, and Automatic Temperaturature Compensation devices have found their way onto almost every contenant on the planet.