International Nursing Consultation and Tutorial Services. Services

By: INCTS  09-12-2011

Since 1975, INCTS has devoted itself to the integration of nurses into the Canadian healthcare system through a range of support and tutorial services aimed at both national and international learners.

We offer the following services:

Almost 2,000 internationally educated nurses tutored by INCTS have successfully completed the CRNE. This accomplishment derives from training methods that promote an overall understanding of the Canadian nursing system.

INCTS provides learners with an individualized approach to learning based on their identified need. Prior learning assessment is undertaken to assist the learner in determining their own unique learning needs. The faculty use a supportive, and interactive approach to tutoring that puts the learner in control of the learning process. Our instructional methods integrate hands-on practice with on-going dialogue regarding how, why, and when to employ a particular skill, concept, or theory.

INCTS develops learner confidence through systematic analysis and deep understanding of theoretical constructs, as opposed to simple memorization of questions and answers. Tutorials build on personal experience and employ a variety of effective methods to facilitate success on the CRNE.