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By: Imaged Original  09-12-2011

How much is this going to cost?

The truth is, we can't tell you yet.

Pricing of an individual project is not always cut and dry. We are not even going to pretend we can accurately quote an imaging job based on you filling out a few fields. To provide a quote you can count on, we will need to speak directly to your records manager or someone else with intimate knowledge of the documents you are looking to convert to electronic images.

We can however provide you with some of the components we base our projects on.

Like everything we do at Imaged Original, this is a process we have developed to provide accountability and confidence.

Key Information we will require:

  • Number of pages to be Imaged.
  • How many Documents make up the Page Count.
  • Original document size.
  • How do you want these documents named?
  • Number of Index/Meta data fields and length of fields and data format.
  • Is there a database or spreadsheet to validate Index/Meta data values?
  • What resolution is required for imaging?
  • Will the images be scanned in colour, black and white or grayscale?
  • What is the condition of the originals? (i.e. historic, torn, taped, faded)
  • Are the documents stapled, bound, folded or otherwise requiring preparation for scanning?
  • What is the content of the documents? (i.e. Hand writing, typed, OMR)
  • Will the documents and Index/Meta data be imported into an EDM/ECM?
  • How are the documents currently filed? (i.e. name, client #, date)
  • Will the documents need to be returned to their received packaging and filing?
  • Are the documents to be destroyed after imaging and approval?
  • Is there a specific deadline for the images to be created?
  • Are there any specific regulatory requirements involved with the imaging process?
  • Do you have samples of these documents available for us to view? 

This looks like a lot of information to provide for a quote, but we promise that in the end, you will see the value and appreciate our accuracy. 

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