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By: Grainmaster  09-12-2011

Standard "Dry Freight" Body Specifications
Smooth Pre-Painted White Exterior, Dry Freight Rear Roll-Up Door, Translucent Roof, Flush Entry Rear Sill c/w Drain Channel, 1 1/8" Laminated Oak Floor on 12" Centered 4" I-Beam Waxed Crossmembers, Standard Undercoating, Floor Surface Stain Protected, Splash Shields over Tire Area, 1/2" Plywood Lining on Front Wall, 3/8" Plywood on Sides c/w 2 Rows "E" Track, Smooth Galvanized Steel Scuff Liner, 12" x 3" x 3/16" Front Crash Protector, Threshold Plate, Dome Lamps, Grab Handles, Mud Flaps c/w Anti-Sail Bars, Full Width Heavy Duty Rear Step Bumper, Rubber Dock Bumpers, D.O.T. Lighting

We Build All Types of Van Bodies

.. Including Cutaway Design, Insulated Refrigeration Type, Doghouse Furniture Applications, Custom Specs, etc.

General Specifications
Widths * - Regular Bodies
96" O.D. (91" I.D.)
102" O.D. (97" I.D.)
* Allowing for 1/4" Lining.
Heights * - Regular Bodies
6'6" I.D. / 7' I.D. / 7'6" I.D. / 8' I.D.
* Based on measurement from underside of roof bow to top of 1 1/4" floor. Special heights to 108" I.D. available
Lengths * - Regular Bodies
8' to 30' I.D. (nominal) in 2' increments
O.D. is 8 1/8" longer than nominal length
I.D. is 1" longer than nominal length
* Special lengths are available
Commonly Requested Options

Reefer Reinforcement
Insulation: Foam-In-Place or Fibreglass
Kemlite Lining
Load-Lok Control Equipment
Bulkheads: Stationary or Adjustable
Loading Ramps
Tailgate Loaders
Air Deflectors
Reefer Floors
Aluminum Checkplate Floors
Aero-Dynamic Design Front

Why Grainmaster?

Top Quality Grainmaster Truck Bodies, made from high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum, are both strong and sleek. The riveted panels and roof, bolted sub-assembly and exact mating of extrusions mean the truck body will retain it's strength & integrity.
Modular Design Grainmaster's modular design offers maximum flexibility to meet your specific needs. It also makes repair & replacement of individual parts or sub-assemblies quick, easy & economical.
Technical Support Grainmaster has been designing products for the transportation industry for decades. Customers benefit from the latest developments in transportation and in-depth technical assistance.