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By: Go Mission  09-12-2011

“Missional community” is a nice phrase that hides a rich description of how we are to live as believers together. This little phrase works because it also mirrors the life of God – in God’s very essence he is a loving community on a mission. As redeemed people in His image, we mirror His life together.

Neither mission nor community has priority; neither can exist without the other. Mission and community intertwine like the strands of DNA. We are a community because we share a common purpose — a mission that began when God sent Jesus. We are a mission because the reality of the Spirit in our common life generates an overflow of love.

My soul is yearning for your living stream
My heart is aching for you
All that I long for is found in your heart
You are. everything I need.

You are the thirst, you are the stream
you are the hunger living deep inside of me
You are the food that satisfies
You are provision for the journey of our lives…

You Are Everything , Brian Doerksen from the album “Today” (2005)

Christianity is unique among world religions for more than the revelation of God in Christ, even for more than the resurrection. Our faith is unique because we are Trinitarian. This means that we believe that in some sense God is three — a unity of persons — a community of love.

If you set out to seek freedom, you must learn before all things
Mastery over sense and soul, lest your wayward desirings,
Lest your undisciplined members lead you now this way, now that way.
Chaste be your mind and your body, and subject to you and obedient,
Serving solely to seek their appointed goal and objective.
None learns the secret of freedom save only by way of control


Do and dare what is right, not swayed by the whim of the moment.
Bravely take hold of the real, not dallying now with what might be.
Not in the flight of ideas but only in action is freedom.
Make up your mind and come out in the tempest of living.
God’s command is enough and your faith in him to sustain you.


Wondrous transformation! Your strong and active hands
are tired now. Powerless, alone, you see the end of your action.
Still, you take a deep breath and lay your struggle for justice,
quietly and in faith, into a mightier hand.
Just for one blissful moment, you tasted the sweetness of freedom,
then you handed it over to God, that he might make it whole.


Come now, highest moment on the road to eternal freedom,
Death, put down the ponderous chains and demolish the walls
of our mortal bodies, the walls of our blinded souls,
that we might finally see what mortals have kept us from seeing.
Freedom, how long we have sought you through discipline, action, and suffering,
Dying, now we behold your face in the countenance of God.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, written on 20 July , 1944 the day he heard that the attempt on Hitler’s life had failed and he knew his fate.

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