By: Freshcode  09-12-2011
Keywords: Design Aesthetic

Prepare to be amazed as freshcode applies its exceptional coding prowess and design aesthetic to your software projects. freshcode offers the following world-class services:

Macintosh Development Services

When it comes to designing and coding exceptional Mac applications, look no further than Freshcode. Freshcode provides a wide array of application development services tailored to provide you with a final product that perfectly suits your needs. We take great pride in creating applications that boast beautifully designed interfaces and equally beautiful, exceptionally clean and efficient code. We stay true to the DNA and ideology that makes a Mac application .. well, a Mac application. One that your customers not only expect, but demand.

Our talented team of designers and engineers will not only create your perfect application, but they'll work with you to tweak and adjust the final product to make it exactly the way you want and need. No detail is too small.

We specialize in Cocoa/ObjectiveC, Core Graphics, Core Services, Core Animation, Core Data, IOKit, Dashboard, Security Framework, System Configuration Framework, WebKit, Core Location, AppleScript, Scripting Bridge Framework, and custom plug-in framework development.

Give us a call and let's discuss your Mac development needs. We're sure you'll find our capabilities and professional expertise, when blended with our aggressive pricing, a huge value.

iPad Development Services

With the iPad, Apple has on its hands what will most probably be a worldwide computing revolution. And the reasons are obvious: The iPad blends the best of the desktop with the graceful agility and mobility of the iPhone. Through beautifully crafted code and UI design, Freshcode's development expertise ensures your iPad apps harness the real power and innovation of the iPad, truly exemplifying what the iPad experience is all about.

Like the iPhone, we've been developing top-quality iPad apps from the get-go. We use our extensive expertise in Objective C/Cocoa Touch, Core Animation, Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, Core Graphics, SQLite, Core Motion, and Audio/Video Foundation, to create iPad apps as revolutionary as the device itself. Oh, and by the way, like some other engineering firms, we don't merely ‘scale-up' iPhone interfaces to the larger screen real estate of the iPad. Rather, we ensure your iPad app provides the richest, most beautiful and useful visual experience possible.

Give us a call and let's discuss your iPad development needs. Let Freshcode help bring your company into the iPad revolution with superior iPad apps that your customers will love and rely upon.

iOS 4/iPhone Development Services

Apple's iPhone is the ultimate convergence device, and the latest iPhone OS, iOS 4, is the foundation that makes the iPhone a customer favorite the world over. To be truly useful to iPhone users, your iPhone app must integrate seamlessly into the phone's design and usage architecture, fully exploiting the unique technology and capabilities for which the iPhone is famous. Freshcode's iPhone apps boast exceptional coding and UI design that, when blended with the iPhone itself, don't merely enhance your customer's experience, but become integral components of their daily lives.

We've been developing top-quality iPhone apps since the very beginning when Apple released the official iPhone SDK. We have a wealth of experience with Objective C/Cocoa Touch, Core Animation, Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, Core Graphics, SQLite, Core Motion, Audio/Video Foundation, and more. And when we built your iPhone app, we do so with Apple's Retina Display in mind to ensure your customers receive the richest visual experience possible.

Give us a call and let's discuss your iOS 4/iPhone development needs. We know you'll find our mobile development capabilities and expertise an integral component of your iPhone development and business strategies.

Application Porting Services

Why confine your critical product IP to a single platform? When you port to other platforms, you instantly increase your potential customer base and market share, not to mention revenue opportunities. And Freshcode stands ready to bring your porting needs to fruition quickly, affordably, and most importantly, smartly. We can expertly port your application from Windows to Mac, Mac to Windows, Mac to iPad, iPhone to iPad, or any other combination.

We're very proud of the fact that when we finish your porting project, you (and everyone else) will think the finished product was created specifically for that platform. And that's what world-class app porting is supposed to be.

Let's discuss your application porting needs. We'll ensure you receive top quality ported applications that will dramatically increase your growth and revenue opportunities.

Keywords: Design Aesthetic