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By: Free Jive Weekly  09-12-2011

“There’s more to the Free Jive Weekly than just a restaurant publication. Jeff Wall has secured some impressive distribution sites and gets his paper into the hands of the consumer through inventive and entertaining promotions that add value above and beyond our actual investment. We’ve purchased space in the Free Jive for our clients and we have all been very happy with the results.”Callum Beattie, President/Account Director, Honest Agency (formerly Neuhaus Design)

"Jeff Wall and his team at the Free Jive Weekly have been a pleasure to work with. Their creative ideas were quite effective and we are more than satisfied with the results generated by their product."

Dan Chase, Director of Sales & Marketing, Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club

“The Winnipeg Humane Society is proud to be working with Free Jive Weekly.  They have provided us with a terrific untapped market to help advertise our events and has also been critical to showcasing some of our adoption animals. We are forever grateful to see new partners take us under their wing and work so efficiently and effectively to help us communicate our message to the general public.”

Christine Boult, Director of Development, Winnipeg Humane Society

“The Free Jive Weekly was one of the best marketing decisions that I made in 2009. Though it took a few months, when it rained, it poured! The paper has since brought in over $50,000 in new revenue for my UPS Store - which I am pleased to say is an ROI over 10x my investment. These folks know what they’re doing!”

Glen Duke, Owner, UPS Store (3 locations)

“I have found the Free Jive Weekly to be a unique & dynamic method of marketing our events at the MTS Centre. They seem to have created their own niche and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Greg Paseshnik, Director of Marketing Events & Entertainment, True North Sports & Entertainment
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What We Do - Free Jive Weekly – Interactive Media – Winnipeg's Mental Floss for the Masses

At the Free Jive Weekly, we promote all of our clients using multiple advertising venues including strategic web marketing, promotional events and an interactive paper delivered weekly to more than 200 of Winnipeg’s best spots including Earls and The Fyxx. It is essential that you use intriguing, innovative tactics to get your customers attention and stand out from the crowd.