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By: Elemental Motion Media  09-12-2011

Projects « Elemental Motion Media

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Planet Echo is also home to a number of short segments, all living under the Planet Echo umbrella, and we were given the task of creating short segment openings for each. The segments all have different themes and tones, so we essentially created six different brands, with a few shared design elements.

We also took this approach to the Planet Echo website, which we’re also developing; each segment will have its own branded microsite with a shared back end and feature set. The TV series and the website will launch in the new year.

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Some measure the change in current that occurs when a finger contacts the screen, some look for disturbances in their electromagnetic fields, and others measure the acoustic waves that originate from a finger touching the surface. Touch screens all try to produce a similar result: the ability for users to interact directly with things on the screen, but they use a few different technologies to make this happen.