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By: Dr Chen Chinese Health Centre  09-12-2011
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Environmental concerns for air quality have been known to us for decades, but only recently have we seriously begun to address the quality of indoor air, the air that we are exposed to the better part of our lives, the air in our homes.

Research shows that indoor air is often far more polluted than outdoor air. High efficient air-tight homes help reduce energy costs, but have a negative effect of reducing air changes, keeping higher concentrations of airborne contaminants trapped inside.

Some of these contaminants are:

  • Pet dander
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Human body skin
  • Dust mitesĀ & droppings
  • Pollen & plant spores
  • Cooking smoke & grease
  • Fungi & bacteria, viruses
  • Mildew & mold
  • Common dust

Untreated, high concentrations of these contaminants can lead to a serious situation.

Health problems, such as eye & throat irritation, headaches, coughs and allergies may develop. Paint, wallpaper and draperies may become dingier or less colourful. Windows will require more frequent cleaning.

The best solution to an indoor problem, will involve some part or all of the following

Source Reduction

Possibly the best solution, but usually not possible or practical. Getting rid of pets, cutting out smoking, using friendlier cleaners with less chemicals.


This solution involves replacing the contaminated air or diluting it with cleaner outdoor air. This may be done by opening doors or windows.

More effectively, exhaust fans and/or fresh air intake ducts may be added or improved on in older homes.

New home construction requires ventilation equipment to be installed for this reason.


Every forced air furnace should have a basic filter (disposable) which will trap most larger particulates such as hair, lint and larger dust particles. Filters designed to trap finer particulates will cost a little more and will require replacing more frequently, but will do a better job.

HEPA or pleated style filters offer more effective surface area and will also provide better filtering.

Electrostatic and electronic filtering is costly by comparison, but will prove to be more effective with trapping the smallest particulates (.01 - .03 microns). Regular maintenance is still required. Pre-filters are frequently overlooked and will lead to "white dust syndrome" if they are left out or not cleaned regularly.

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Keywords: Regular Maintenance

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