Replace Equipment

By: Dr Chen Chinese Health Centre  09-12-2011
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Replace Equipment

When it's time for a new comfort system, it's time to call Tradesman. Whether it's your home's first Central Air Conditioning system or a replacement of your heating or cooling system, we are ready to help. Our Comfort Consultants are happy to discuss your needs.

At times we may have special pricing for showroom models or off season discounts. Please check back often for great deals and availability.

How we can help you make the right choice.A Comfort Consultation takes between one and two hours, depending upon the size of your home and your questions.  In order to customize the best system for you and your family, our consultant will need to:

  • Complete a Home Comfort survey covering the preferences of your household
  • Measure and draw your home to gather dimensions for load calculations
  • Evaluate the whole house duct system starting with the basement or crawl space
  • Photograph elements of the current system for reference in designing a system
  • Perform Load Calculation to determine the correct size system
  • Review the home analysis
  • Prepare a free, written estimate and recommendations
  • Analyze potential cost savings from newer, more efficient equipment
  • Discuss costs, financing options, and any special programs
  • Go through your options and answer all your questions

What to Expect when we install your new system.

When will our company arrive? 
Our crew will usually arrive at your home between 8:00 and 8:30am. We can also arrange to start as early as 7:00am so that we are there before you need to leave for work.

How long will it take, and will our house get uncomfortable during the installation? 
Most replacement jobs will take between 6-8 hours. Our crew will make every effort to complete the work in one day to minimise your inconvenience. However long it takes we will supply as many portable heaters that are required to keep you comfortable.

Should you cover your carpets?
No, we will provide clean drop sheets to protect your flooring .It is however suggested that you remove any clutter from around the furnace and anything fragile that may be in the work area.

Will there be a lot of noise?
There will be some occasional banging and electric tool noises. Most of what you might hear will be communication between the installers.

Will you need to clean after the installation?
No. At the end of the job our crew will sweep and vacuum the work area and leave your home as least as clean as when we arrived. You should only need to move back the items that were put aside for their safety. Our staff will even assist you with this if there is something too heavy and you are able to direct them.

Whom do you give the final payment?
Your Tradesman installers will have the Invoices and Guarantees at the time of installation. The balance is due upon completion and complete satisfaction of the installation. If you arrange to finance the job, details will be worked out prior to the installation.

Keywords: Air Conditioning

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