Daemon Defense – Content Delivery

By: Daemon Defense  09-12-2011

Daemon Defense offers a powerful and reliable solution for efficiently and effectively moving your content at a global level. You can distribute content and digital media over our vast, high-performance network and manage all aspects of your content strategies with our full-featured tracking console.

Organizations are currently leveraging the Internet to reach their customers with digital media content. Daemon Defense offers institutions the ability to streaming live or on-demand video or making large files available for download to students and users around the globe. Our CDN was built to meet the delivery needs of even the largest media and entertainment companies.

Daemon Defense’s network operates on a combination of anycast and intelligent geo-location technology. Users are automatically resolved to a regional network of edge servers closest to their location, and then intelligently routed based on network latency, congestion, upstream ISP & path length. When a request is made to a download server, your ISP will automatically route the packet to the closest Peering Point, and then we’ll route your packet to the closest edge server.  Combined, Daemon Defense has access to over 1+ Tbps of regional and international fiber connections through peering.

Other products and services from Daemon Defense


Daemon Defense – Cloud Hosting

Many of Daemon Defense’s clients are outgrowing a single server hosting solution and are looking to dedicated load balancers, enterprise DNS, snapshot backups, and high availability redundant servers among other things. Early response has been extremely positive from our clients indicating access to a private cloud on a Tier 1 network is something many IT managers have been waiting for..


Daemon Defense – Zimbra Mail

All Zimbra accounts get access to Daemon Defense MailGuard our Spam and Virus filtering service with daily quarantine reports. Zimbra provides the broadest cross-platform, cross-browser, cross-device support of any solution in the industry. Drag/drop contacts across Address Books. Share with individuals or Distro Lists.


Daemon Defense – Web Hosting

While most hosting companies have three or four hosting plans we custom build a plan for your site or application that gives you the resources you need. Each VPS has dedicated CPU and Memory resources, full daily backups with options for dedicated bandwidth and diskspace. Dedicated Virtual Private Servers provide a link between shared hosting and full blown dedicated servers. Shared hosting provides a low-cost entry onto the web.


Daemon Defense – Live Streaming

Providing multi-camera setup with digital video switching and integrated power-point presentations, Daemon Defense has broadcasted professional development conferences, university convocations, political fundraisers, and polar bears on the tundra.