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CHICA-Canada members can download the Audit Tookit, Sudsy videos and workbooks, and informational DVDs from the Members Only area of the website.


Developed by the South Western Ontario Infection Control Network, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph Health Centre, this 8-minute DVD resource has been designed to assist staff to help educate family members and other visitors about the importance of their role in infection control. Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and effective hand hygiene techniques are demonstrated in an easy-to-understand format while emphasizing the role of the visitor in preventing the spread of infection. Available in English.

This is a video developed by the Regional Infection Control Networks of Ontario, aimed at teaching the essentials of personal protective equipment. While designed for long-term care, it can be applied to other settings as well. It uses a humorous approach that makes it fun and entertaining to watch.

Une vidéo consacrée à l'éducation sur l'essentiel de l'équipement de protection individuelle. Même si la vidéo a été conçu pour l'environnement des soins de longue durée, elle peut être appliquée à plusieurs autres endroits. Cette vidéo se sert d'une approche humoristique ce qu'y la rend amusante et divertissante.

This 12-minute DVD focuses on the importance of hand hygiene and proper glove use to halt the transmission of germs. Humour is used in a real long-term care setting with clear messages promoting the use of alcohol hand rub. A review game provides a method of evaluating the learning.

Available from CHICA-Canada through CHICA-Canada Programs and Projects, this revised series of infection control audit tools will assist you in your practice of infection prevention and control in a variety of health care settings. Topics include:

  • Routine Practices and Additional Precautions
  • Hand Hygiene Readiness and Hand Hygiene Practice
  • Managing Enteric and Respiratory Outbreaks
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Construction/Renovation and Maintenance
  • Environmental Cleaning and Management of Cleaning and Disinfecting Products
  • Unit Kitchens
  • Ambulatory Clinic or Physician's Office
  • Endoscopy
  • Foot Care
  • Hemodialysis
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Operating Room and Surgical Scrub
  • Pharmacy
  • Prehospital Care

The full revised toolkit is continually under revision and an online version is available to CHICA-Canada members AT NO CHARGE

.  An audit toolkit CD is now available for purchase:

  • CHICA-Canada members: Full toolkit with live links to most current online tools ($30.00)
  • Non-members: Full toolkit without links ($50.00)

A printed copy of the toolkit is available from CHICA-Canada for $300 plus shipping and handling plus GST (new tools will be sent as developed).

Available exclusively from CHICA-Canada in partnership with Webber Training Inc. Topics include:

  • Disinfecting Patient Care Equipment
  • Exploring CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines
  • Airborne Spread of human Pathogens: Hold Your Breath!
  • Disinfectants in Infection Control: Can They Make Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics?
  • Hands and the Spread of Viral Infections: Facts and Fantasies
  • Current Best Practices in Hand Hygiene
  • Hand Sanitizers and their Effect on Viruses
  • Innovations in Hand Hygiene
  • Influenza Pandemic on the Doorstep
  • Controlling MRSA and VRE
  • Scientific Solutions to the Norovirus Problem
  • Strategies for Norovirus Infection Control Aboard Cruise Ships
  • Relative Impact of Hand Hygiene on Healthcare-Associated Infections
  • Should We Try to Prevent Healthcare Associated MRSA & VRE Infections?
  • Introduction to CDC's "Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities"
  • Hand Hygiene - Different Approaches
  • Asepsis: The Foundation of Infection Control Practices
  • Glutaraldehyde Toxicology and Management of Risk
  • WHO Global Challenge 2005-06: Preventing Health Care-Associated Infection
  • Clean Your Hands Campaign
  • Clostridium difficile: Environmental Survival
  • Clostridium difficile & Environmental Cleaning
  • Infection Control in Long-term Care
  • Disease Transmission and Control in the Home Setting
  • Infection Control in Day Care Centres
  • Advances in Global Infection Control: Inside IFIC
  • Biofilms in our Environment: The Human Interface
  • Respiratory and GI Outbreaks in LTCF: Investigation and Control
  • Surface Disinfectants and Environmental Impact
  • Prevention of Ventilator-associated Pneumonia
  • Methods for the Evaluation of hand Disinfectants
  • Étiqueter les désinfectants: quoi, pourquoi et comment?

"Just Wash 'Em" is a 7 minute video directed to Elementary School aged children.

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The International Infection Control Council (I2C2) is a partnership of CHICA-Canada, APIC and ICNA (UK). In 2002, it published the Infection Control Toolkit: Strategies for Pandemics and Disasters. With the advent of SARS and the H5N1 influenza virus, as well as other natural disasters and disease outbreaks since 2002, the I2C2 recognized the need to update and revise the previous toolkit. The content has been updated and reformatted into the newest version Infection Control Toolkit for Emergencies and Disasters. The purpose of the toolkit is to assist IPCPs in the preparation and implementation of plans for emergencies and disasters.


A 15-minute educational video covering topics related to ARO's (epidemiology, surveillance and control). Produced in cooperation with Wyeth, with assistance from CHICA-Canada members.


An infection control toolkit developed by the International Infection Control Council (APIC, CHICA-Canada, ICNA).

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