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  • two treble hooks that rotate 360° within the lure
  • nearly impossible for the fish to throw the lure
    no bottom hook to hang up
  • fish cannot trap the lure against the bottom or cover
  • An excellent everyday crankbait
  • Bandit lures run true right out of their packages
  • Wide range of quality patterns, styles and sizes
  • Premium Soft Platic Baits for all fish species
  • Designed to bring the BIG Bite to you line 
  •  Environmental protection for your investment
  •  Long lasting, oil free
  •  No Harsh Chenicals
  • durability - unique tempering process
  • strength - made of high carbon steel
  • sharpness - conically needle honed points
  • colour - superior colour variations
  • style - innovative hook designs that hook and hold fish better
  • Available in 1/24, 1/16, 1/12 ounce weights (examples of sizes available)
  • Popular 3 jig packs or dozens of cards, (12 jigs individually packed and UPC coded)
  • Seasoned coating for fish, chicken, pork and even fries
  • Comes in a convenient re-closable box
  • Available in Original and Cajun flavours
  • Lures designed on a computer and then build molds out of high grade aircraft aluminum to the kind of precision for which Jewel baits have become known
  • made using only the highest grade of lead available
  • injection molded jigs to precisely the weight specified
  •  Makes fishing line more manageable and improves casting distance and control
  •  Removes the memory develop in your line from being spooled on your reel
  •  Protects the outer and inner working parts of your fishing equipment and fishing tackle
  • a premiere manufacturer of innovative big game fishing lures.
  • the most unique lures available in the industry today 
  • high quality baits that are time tested for trophy fish
  • Promote your store with quality plastic baits and jigs
  • brand your store logo and information on the label to keep anglers coming back
  • Mount your trolling motor anywhere on your boat
  • Universal mount accepts any transom mount trolling motor
  • Requires only a 9/16” or adjustable wrench to install
  • relief from nausea associated with travel on boats., cars and airplanes
  • all natural
  • Safe for all ages
  • aromtic inhaler for easy use
  • stored properly will last up to six months
  • Unique fishing lures for freshwater and saltwater anglers
  • manufactured to the highest quality levels and are made from the best raw materials available in the world today.
  • Monofilament, Fluorocarbon, Nylon and Braid fishing lines that are thinner and stronger fishing line
  • Money Back Guarantee for tangle free reel performance
  • 2 year warranty

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