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By: Adhere Distributors  09-12-2011
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Stress Resistance, Simplification, Economy
and More
One of the primary benefits of adhesive is that it holds something together resisting the stress trying to pull it apart.

Tensile Stress is exerted equally over the entire joint straight and away from the adhesive bond.

Shear stress is across the adhesive bond.  The bonded materials are being forced to slide over each other.

Cleavage stress is concentrated at one edge and exerts a prying force on the bond.

Peel stress is concentrated along a thin line at the bond's edge.  One surface is flexible.

Most applications combine stresses.  The following 6 points elaborate on the advantages of using adhesives for stress resistance and more.

  1. Uniform distribution of stress over the entire bonded area can eliminate stress concentration caused by rivets, spot welds, and similar mechanical fastening.  Lighter, thinner materials can often be used without sacrificing strength.
  2. Bonding laminates of dissimilar materials can produce combinations superior in strength and performance to either adherent alone.  Adhesive flexibility compensates for differences in coefficients of expansion.
  3. Elastomeric flexibility improves resistance to vibration fatigue.
  4. Holes are eliminated maintaining the integrity of the bonded material.  This can reduce finishing and increase design flexibility.
  5. Continuous contact between mating surfaces can effectively bond and seal against many environmental conditions.
  6. Costs can be lowered by reducing materials requirements and weight; eliminating drilling, welding, screwing, and similar operations.

Choice of 3M Structural or Non-Structural Formations To meet the requirements for stress resistance, specific substrates, application efficiency and cost, 3M offers a wide range of easy-to-use adhesives in handy sizes with practical dispensing systems.

Keywords: Adhesives, stress

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