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By: Add Centre Attention & Concentration Training  25-11-2014
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One can think of neurofeedback brain training as a brain fitness program that strengthens the brain networks needed to improve attention and concentration. A Canadian research study utilizing structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measured the positive changes neurofeedback made in the brain. The study found that neurofeedback increased the strength of pathways in white matter and an increase in the volume of gray matter in those areas implicated in sustained attention. This study unequivocally demonstrated the improvements in attention and concentration and the corresponding physical changes made after a series of brain training sessions. Just as physical training builds muscles neurofeedback strengthens the brain. The ADD Centre neurofeedback brain training as a part of a multi-modal program combined with behaviour therapy, parent management training and supported by strategies like vigorous exercise, playing out doors and nutrition has demonstrated lasting results. Completing the ADD Centre brain training program overcomes the difficulties of distraction, impulsivity and inattention with over 91% of children being able to resolve their ADHD symptoms. Grade level, IQ, social skills and behaviour improvements are achieved after brain training. There are no side-effects and the benefits are life-long. Neurofeedback brain training is over 5 times more effective than current tutoring systems used for learning disabilities including dyslexia. Neurofeedback combined with our academic tutoring program provides a faster, more effective and less costly solution than tutoring alone. Neurofeedback has demonstrated positive results with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety, stress and many other conditions. Biofeedback training ensures that students, athletes and adults are calm, relaxed and focused during critical tasks in school, sports and work. For a free consultation or further information contact the ADD Centre at 204-897-4493. Visit our website or our head office website

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